2011 Fantasy Football Preview


Fantasy football! The Wikipedia definition of fantasy football is as follow, “Fantasy football is an interactive, virtual competition in which people manage professional football players versus one another. Fantasy football allows people to act as general managers of a pseudo-football team.” My definition is slightly different. The Daniel Eliesen definition of fantasy football is very simply, “Fantasy football is the thing that consumes 24 hours a day, for 7 days a week of my life.” That being said it’s time for my summer 2011 fantasy football preview. Some might say it’s way too early to be writing this blog but I want to have it as a reference in August when the free agency and trade period of the off season was practically over, and depth charts have begun to be formed.  Due to the fact it is a tad bit early to project how things will change this off season, I will only make a mock draft of the first round of a 12 team PPR and Non PPR league.

Before I start out my mock draft, I wanted to give a shout out to @yahoonoise Brad Evans of yahoo sports who is basically my go to for all fantasy football news. In terms of fantasy football, he is your guy. (Well in less you like my advice betterJ)  

Before you analyze and look over my picks, you should take into account my thought process of most of my selections. In fantasy football the key thing to look for in WR’s and RB’s is drafting players who get Rushes (rushing attempts) and Targets (how many times the player is thrown too). When I draft a player I want to make sure that he is seeing the ball on almost every play.  The more times the ball is in my player’s hand the more opportunity there is for him to put up the big points.

So without further a due

Round 1 – Non PPR League

1) Johnson, Chris

–       Coming off a good but not great year, I still have CJ coming off the board first because the Titans offense runs through this guy. With a new rookie QB you know he is going to get the ball. CJ is one of a select few in the NFL that has the ability to make a 2 yard run into a 90 yard burst to the end zone.


2) Peterson, Adrian

–       Another murky situation at the QB position makes Peterson role with the Vikings even larger. While the Vikings might struggle this year, I think Peterson will have an outstanding year.

3) Charles, Jamaal

–       Charles showed last year that he is the real deal. Despite sharing the back field with Thomas Jones he was still able to find his way to Hawaii. I expect more rushes this year and even better numbers.

4) Foster, Arian

–       Last year Foster was the unquestionable top player in fantasy football, no long under the radar there will be questions whether he can repeat his brilliance of a year ago.


5) Rodgers, Aaron

–       Not much I need to say to defend this guy, top fantasy QB two years in a row and was the top NFL QB last year taking his team to the big dance and winning it all.

6) Jones-Drew, Maurice

–      MOJO’s wheels have slowed down a bit this past year with a little bit of an off year but like Peterson and Johnson he will remain the focal point of this offense and should get a bulk load of carries which should equal to fantasy football points

7) Rice, Ray

–       Ray Ray is a talented scat back running back that gave many fantasy owners headaches last year with his up and down play but hopefully he can come back with a strong year like the one he had 2 years ago.

8) Vick, Michael

–       Vick’s value in fantasy is so high due to the fact that not only does he produce points through all the passing statistic but his legs will help your fantasy squad as well.

9) Johnson, Andre

–       As long as Andre the Giant is healthy he is by far the most consistent fantasy WR in the league and has been for the past 3 – 4 years.

10) Turner, Michael

–       Turner the burner has increased value in NON PPR leagues because he doesn’t really catch the ball all that much but the guy has a knack for finding the end zone so still has major fantasy value.

11) Gore, Frank

–       This one is tough, Gore when healthy is a top 5 fantasy back year in and year out BUT the dude is never healthy, some people might not even gamble on Gore in the first round due to his previous injuries but if he manages to stay on the field you will certainly be rewarded.

12) McCoy, LeSean

–       McCoy has more value in a PPR league but still managed to put up big points last year regardless of the scoring system.

Round 1 –PPR League

  1. Johnson, Chris
  2. Foster, Arian
  3. Peterson, Adrian
  4. Charles, Jamaal
  5. Rodgers, Aaron
  6. Rice, Ray
  7. Jones-Drew, Maurice
  8. Vick, Michael
  9. Johnson, Andre
  10. McCoy, LeSean
  11. Gore, Frank
  12. White, Roddy

You will notice I made a couple of changes in the PPR draft. Foster last year nabbed a bunch of passes through the air and his value only increases in PPR leagues. Roddy White replace his fellow Falcon Michael Turner in the first round due to Turners lack of pass catching skills and White’s incredible consistency.

I am a fantasy football junky, so for me its fun to make these projections even as early as in May but surely  my board will look a little different after off season is over, and free agents are signed and players are traded.  I look forward to hearing what you guys think of how my mock draft lines up now, so let me know what you think about this year’s fantasy football season and where you think players will be drafted.