5 Things to Look for This Preseason

For the first time maybe EVER, it seems like EVERYONE is excited for some preseason football. With that in mind, here is a list of things to look out for this preseason.

1)  Chad Henne

Obviously, the Dolphins’ bias comes in here, but for Dolfans Henne is the most important piece for this team if they want to succeed. Confidence can go along way for a quarterback and it wouldn’t hurt for Henne to get off to a strong start this preseason and build some confidence going into the year. It will be also interesting to monitor how he works with Reggie Bush.


2) Fantasy Football implications

For the fantasy football junkies out there like myself, the preseason is an important time to learn who will be taking goal-line carries, what depth charts will look like, and how new players are integrated into their new teams.

3) Injuries

Not yards, not touchdowns, not W’s but health is the most important thing when your talking about the preseason. Staying healthy is crucial, so look out for any big injuries this preseason.  

4) The “Dream Team”


Vince Young calls them the dream team, Jason Babin says they’re the Miami Heat of football, but we shall see!

5 ) The New kickoff rule

The new kick-off rule doesn’t seem very fan friendly. It will be much more difficult to bring one back this year. 

So keep your eyes open, watch your favourite players, and get ready for some football!