Barkley vs RG3, will the Dolphins have their choice on draft day

3-8…..Some fans can take the high road and remain optimist but I have chosen to see this season for what it really is, a big disappointment. The Dolphins started 0-7 arriving way too late to the party before rallying for a couple of wins and taking themselves out of the Suck for Luck sweepstakes.

Currently the Dolphins stand at 3-8 and in position to be drafting 5th overall. Obviously there is no way to predict how the season will end and where the Dolphins will officially be on the draft board but hey, one can have some fun.

Hopefully the 13 year tradition of not drafting a QB in the first round has ended. This year’s QB class as most of you already know is a pretty darn good one.

Andrew Luck leads the way as the clear number one pick, followed by a debate on whether Robert Griffin the third (RG3) or Matt Barkley will go next. Both QB’s seem like prime time NFL prospect and have a shot at being really good NFL players down the road. Landry Jones is a little bit behind having his stock drop a little this year but still makes a strong case to be a top 10 draft pick. Ryan Tannehill will be a border line 1st rounder but seems like an adequate project for a team looking for a solution long term at QB.

The Dolphins will have some competition in terms of drafting a QB, most likely coming from Washington, Seattle and Cleveland. It appears all but a certainty that Andrew Luck will go number 1 to Indy leaving them out of the conversation. I can live without Luck if the Dolphins snatch Barkley. Watching Barkley put one thought in my mind : Drew Brees !


Washington is sitting at 4-7 with winnable games against Minnesota and Philadelphia still on the schedule, if the Skins can manage one more win 5-11 could put them at a higher picker then the Dolphins giving them the Phins the choice of RG3 or Barkley. Washington is the Dolphins biggest threat at this point in terms of the draft. RG3 would seem to fit more into Shanny’s system then a guy like Barkley or Jones but who knows. 

Seattle now 5-7 coming off a big Thursday win still plays St Louis and Arizona and one would have to think they will finish with at least 6 wins this year which most likely will take them out of the top 8. Pete obviously has connections within USC and probably would love the chance to connect with Barkley.

Cleveland is 4-7 and only really has one winnable game on their schedule being Arizona.  The Browns get Pittsburg twice and Baltimore, so anything more then 5-11 might be a stretch. The Browns have other needs but could be a real dark horse in terms of going after RG3 or Barkley.


An outside player in this might also be Kansas City also at 4-7. I wouldn’t be suprised if this was the landing spot for Landry Jones. 

Arizona and Minnesota and Jacksonville are three other teams in the pits however they seem to have their QB situation figured out at least for the time being and most likely would address other needs.

No one really knows what will be for the Dolphins down the stretch as 6-10 is a possibility but so is 3-13. While I never will be rooting for a Dolphins loss, I think it is pretty clear to most rational fans that this team is better off with Barkley or RG3 going forward.

My hope is that the Dolphins can land a top 8 pick and have the option between the two, but usually my hopes for the Dolphins are unfulfilled so we shall see.