Dolphins could reportedly ‘set market’ for Reggie Bush

Lost in the ups and downs of labor negotiation, Jason La Canfora offered up a noteworthy headline earlier this evening on NFL Total Access. “From what I’m gathering, the Miami Dolphins might actually set the market for Reggie Bush,” La Confora said before speculating that the Rams and Eagles could also be suitors.

I wouldn’t put too much stock into reports like these simply because misinformation and smokescreens tend to dominate headlines in the weeks leading up to free agency. Still though, it kind of throws a wrench into our expectations for what Dolphins’ brass will do when the lockout is over.

Most of us were under the impression that DeAngelo Williams would be their intended target, if not Ahmad Bradshaw. However, in the event that the bidding war for Williams becomes too lucrative for Miami’s comfort and the Giants resign Bradshaw as expected, there isn’t a back on the market that would make more sense than Reggie Bush. 

Bush is a homerun threat on every screen pass, toss to the outside, and punt return. His skill set would complement Daniel Thomas, who would obviously be the workhorse in this scenario, very nicely, as a third-down, change of pace back who can also line up in the slot at receiver when need be.

There are some concerns I have with a Dolphins-Bush marriage, though. First off, we don’t really know what we are getting with Daniel Thomas yet, meaning Jeff Ireland would have to exercise an awful lot of faith in his second-round investment by choosing to sign Bush over a guy like Williams or Bradshaw, who are capable of coming in and accumulating 200+ carries.

Secondly, you’re more than likely not going to get 16 games from Bush. Injuries have prevented him from reaching that mark for four straight seasons. And lastly, Bush doesn’t have much value when you look at rushing alone. His receiving and return ability, two assets the Dolphins would surely benefit from, are what make him an intriguing free agent. But he’s never going to be a vastly productive runner. He averaged less than 4.0 yards-per-carry in his first three seasons and has struggled with maintaining the toughness necessary to consistently run between the tackles.

If Daniel Thomas is the back the Dolphins think he is, none of that will matter much. If Thomas can productively carry the bulk of the workload, getting an explosive run, reception, or return here and there from Bush will surely suffice. I guess we’ll just have to wait to see how all of this plays out.

Give us your thoughts on the possibility of Bush coming to Miami? Which free agent running back would you prefer seeing the Dolphins sign?