Film Study: Mike Pouncey video buffet

Reactions to the Dolphins drafting Mike Pouncey with their first-round pick have been mixed amongst Dolphins fans. Everyone pretty much agrees Pouncey should provide the boost the offensive line needs to get the running game back on track, but many wanted to see this front office swing for the fences on a quarterback.

I have to say, though, the more I think about it, knowing in advance the Dolphins couldn’t trade down, there isn’t one player I would have taken over Pouncey outside of Ryan Mallett. Fifteen is too high for a running back, there isn’t a speed receiver or tight end that could have been had outside of a gigantic reach, and quarterbacks like Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick don’t have franchise QB potential in my opinion.
It’s really pointless to judge a draft until the players are given a couple years. So if we look back on this draft a few years from now, and Mike Pouncey has solidified the Dolphins’ interior O-line, while Ryan Mallett never emerges as a solid NFL starter, we will all be able to rest assured Jeff Ireland and company made a wise decision.

With Pouncey growing on me some, I thought I would put together a few videos in his honor. Unfortunately, you can’t find too many highlight videos for offensive lineman, but I did find Jeff Ireland explaining the pick in his presser last night, Todd McShay condoning the Dolphins’ decision, a Sports Science feature that shows Pouncey go a perfect 30 for 30 on shotgun snaps, and one brief, but well done highlight clip. Enjoy.