If Luck goes to Colts, what’s plan B??

While the #SuckForLuck sweepstakes has been going strong now for 8 or so weeks, I have come to the sad realization that this team might be too good to finish 32nd in the NFL.


The fact is that this team competes and if it weren’t for 3 big time 4rth quarter collapses then this team would have a win already. While it doesn’t appear other then the Redskins game that there are a lot of winnable games on the schedule, I also didn’t expect the Dolphins to come so close to beating the Giants.

The only thing that could potentially separate the Dolphins from Andrew Luck are the pathetic Indianapolis Colts.  Minus Peyton, the Colts are probably the only team that has looked even worse than the Dolphins.

While it still is possible the Dolphins get the first overall pick my money is on the Colts getting Luck.

Below is a link to the Andrew Luck Power Rankings from This Given Sunday


So the big question is….if Luck is off the board, do you trade an arm and a leg to get him or do you draft Landry Jones or Matt Barkley?

Right now I don’t have the answer but I do know that this team has a lot of holes and trading away Luck would cost A LOT. Dolphins have holes in the secondary and could use a talented young TE as well as just some overall help. You don’t finish last or second to last in the league without reason. 

While I don’t think Barkley or Jones are as good as Luck, they both look like pretty solid NFL prospects. Barkley really impressed me in a one on one duo vs. Luck in primetime going throw for throw with Andrew.


Barkley has shined of late and has probably passes Jones but there is still plenty of football to be played. All 3 options seem like they would shift the Dolphins into the right direction. It’s been since 1983 since the Dolphins have drafted a QB in the first round, let’s all hope for our sake that streak ends this year.