It’s About Time

It’s about time!  It’s finally here Dolfans, the week we finally win.  Not only did the Dolphins win, they did it in Sparano stomping fashion 31-3 over the red-hot Chiefs sending Coach Haley for a shower and a shave!

Truly Sparano’s Dolphin teams have never stomped an opponent since the Wild Cat ran over New England 38-13 in 2008.  Our missing tight end (Fasano) all over milk cartons sold at the local Publix, was found in time for the first half to catch two huge TDs. 

Our Diva Receiva fresh from teaching young corner Vontae “Drunk” Davis a lesson on professionalism played a Monster game. The Beast was alive with 5 catches in the first half and finished with 8.   In the second half he capped drive with a nice catch a sweet TD catch between two defenders! Matt Moore looked like the second coming of Jay Fiedler finding Fasano twice and Brandon Marshal once. 3 TDs and incredible accuracy. He was on fire and had all day to throw. (Jay Fiedler because he was a decent addition to the Dolphins after Marino left and had an aerial attack under Chan Gailey. )

Reggie Bush was a man on a mission and it almost seems that his 44 yd TD had Kim’s influence all over it.

So, do the Dolphins reappear now out of the doldrums of losses and ineptitude?  You betcha! It’s gonna happen.  A win next week? Oh yeah.  Who’s up next? Washington.


Guaranteed, just not yet by Brandon Marshall. 

Michael Serranía

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