Miami Dolphins Jerseys


Before you start reading this post if you’re expecting some thorough analysis on the Dolphins or the NFL well, this post isn’t the one to read. This post is a result of a fun experiment on twitter (@phinstake). So, it’s Thursday night and I am going through my closet and see a bright orange 55 Junior Seau jersey and it inspires me to go through all my Dolphins jersey. In my closet I got,

Aqua: Marino, Henne, Terrell Buckley, Davone Bess, Jason Taylor, Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams


White: Chris Chambers, Brandon Marshall, Cameron Wake, Zack Thomas, Jake Long, Larry Csonka

Orange: Junior Seau

Framed : Marino Aqua Signed Qb’s of the century (Marino, Elway, Joe Cool, Johnny U) 

Wish List: Vonte Davis + Daniel Thomas + (New QB Dolphins Going to acquire)

I decided to go to Dolphins nation on twitter to see what my fellow phins fans had in their closest. I was curious which Dolphins players’ jersey would be the most popular? Which would be the most old school jersey? Which jersey people wanted the most? Here are my results,

Around 60 people responded me on twitter, so thanks guys for the responses

Most Popular Jersey people had: Zach Thomas

Jersey people most wanted to get: Davone Bess

Jersey that came with the most amount of regret : Chad Henne ( every person that had a Henne jersey wrote a L face or an LOL beside it sarcastically, people seem to enjoy their Pat White and Daunte Culpepper and even Ted Ginn jerseys more. Ouch!)


Jersey I wanted the most that someone had: Oronde Gadsden 86

What does your main man Omar Kelly from Sun-Sentinal got in his closet: White / #13 Marino, had it since his teens

Weirdest Jersey: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Honorable mention Jersey: Jim Mandich


All right boys and girls, hope you had a little fun with this blog

In honor of Mad Dog,