My Dolphins Christmas Wish List

Well it’s the time of year where kids all over the world start making their wish lists for Christmas and seeing as I am still a 15 year old at heart I thought it was only appropriate to make myself an NFL Dolphins wish list. I have been pretty good this so lets hope that I am not on Santa’s naughty list and that all my Dolphins wishes come true.


Head Coach: Jeff Fisher

As I tweeted early in the week, how can one not give all their respect to Jeff, when he has such great beard growing ability. Jeff Fisher can truly grow a beard with the best of them. Fisher most likely could form a very solid staff with potentially some of his old team-mates in USC like Jack Del Rio who is now available. Fisher has had success in this league and is the experienced coach that Ross is looking for. Fisher also has the hunger to want to win a super bowl as he has come close in the past but came up short.


Quarterback: Matt Barkley or Rg3 OR Peyton Manning

While I am pretty indecisive as I have no chosen one specific QB, all three of these options seem pretty appealing to me. Hopefully the Dolphins will be in a position in the draft where these two stud QB’s are available. If Fisher is in fact our guy he might decide to go with Barkley due to his USC ties however he did draft Vince Young over Leinart in Tennessee. There is also the factor that RG3 like Ireland are both Baylor Bears.

Tight End: Colby Fleener

The Stanford tight end seems to be just what we need to compliment mister Fasano in the tight end department. Why not give our rookie QB as many weapons as we can to ensure his success.

Jeff Ireland not to be an asshole anymore OR get fired!


Stephen Ross to give me 51% equity stake of the Dolphins for the price of 10 $

Addressing key issues in Free Agency or Draft: FS, RT and OLB (Blitzer to go on opposite side of Wake)


Ps: I am Jewish so I hope I am not being too needy Santa !