Reggie Bush will wear #22

The new roster is up at http://www.miamidolphins.com/team/roster and it has some interesting news on it!

The Dolphins’ newest toy, running back Reggie Bush, has decided that he will wear #22, the number formally belonging to Kory Sheets. I had a feeling that Bush would go after 22, and I have to say, I approve. He will look slick in it and pull it off well. 

The new number 22 got to take the field for the first time tonight as he was finally allowed to practice. 

“Not practicing wasn’t so bad in the fact that it gave me the chance to get the mental reps, learn the playbook and not just kind of get thrown in there to the fire and have to learn on the fly,” said Bush. “Now I got a chance to learn it from a mental standpoint, help some of the younger guys come along while learning the playbook and know that when I finally got in there I’d be more than prepared.”

Dolphins’ fans that wanted to go out and buy their Bush jerseys can now do so!