The All-Time Miami Dolphins: Safeties

We’re wasting no time here at Phins Phocus in finishing the roster for the All-Time Miami Dolphins. Safeties are the only starting position left on the team and we have had a great group of safeties throughout Dolphins’ history.  Later this week we will officially finish off the squad by selecting the special teams unit.

Instead of separating both strong and free safety, we decided to select the 4 greatest safeties in Miami’s history. The secondary has definitely been a strong suit in year’s past and it has always been a priority for the Dolphins to have help at the safety position. So here we go!

1) Jake Scott (1970–1978)

Believe it or not, but Dan Marino isn’t the only great player to wear #13 for the Dolphins. Even more shocking is that the other talented #13 played on defense. A lot of people might not have known this but Jake Scott actually came from the CFL and was later discovered in the NFL draft by Miami in the 7th round.

Scott tallied 49 INT’s throughout his career, two of which came in the Super Bowl leading to a Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl VII to finish off the Dolphins’ perfect season.  Jake Scott was a key member of the “No Name” defense in the early 70’s. During that span he became one the best at the position in the league.

Scott holds the Dolphins’ career interception record with 35. That, along with a long list of accomplishments makes him the best defensive back in Miami Dolphins’ history. Scott is considered one of the biggest draft steals in NFL history to date.  Scott was inducted into the Dolphins Ring of Honor and hopefully will be a member of the HOF in due time.

2) Dick Anderson (1968-1977)


There are many Dolfans out there that might debate putting Anderson at two and they would have good reason. While Jake Scott still ranks number one on my list, Anderson certainly held his own on the field. Anderson was also one of the greatest Dolphins to hit the field. He was a three time Pro Bowl selection, three times an All-Pro and two time Super Bowl champion. Anderson’s accomplishments don’t end there as he was also named to the 70’s NFL All- Decade team and the 1973 NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

Anderson, like Scott, was also inducted into the Dolphins Ring of Honor. #40 was a player opposing QB’s always feared when they saw lined up across from them on the field. Anderson is well known for holding the record for interceptions in a game with four.

3) Brock Marion (1998–2003)


Putting Marion at number three on this list might be a bit of Phins Phocus bias but Marion, without question, left his mark on the Phins. The younger generation will certainly remember Marion as a playmaker in the secondary. Along with Surtain and Madison, the Dolphins had one of the best secondarys in the league in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  

Marion had 947 tackles and 31 interceptions, three of which he returned for touchdowns.  Marion was a three-time Pro Bowler in Miami and an All-Pro in 2000. Like Scott, Marion was also Miami’s returner and he led the NFL in return yards in 1999.

Modern day Dolfans have high praise for the former number #31

4) Louis Oliver (1989- 1993

His tenure in Miami wasn’t quite as prolific or long as the other three safeties on this list but there is no doubt that Oliver was a great player.  Oliver played in 117 regular season games, started 101 of them, and recorded 544 tackles and twenty-seven interceptions, two of which he returned for touchdowns

Honorable mention: Glenn Blackwood