The Quarterback Hot Seat

A month ago, I put out a blog listing the top five coaches on the hot seat ( Our very own Tony Sparano was second on that list to only Norv Turner. One month later, I wanted to look at some other people that might be feeling the burn from under their seat.

The most important position in sports, the grand puba, the Quarterback. Unless you’re the 2000 Ravens you’re not going very far without a quarterback. Here is a look at 5 starting Quarterbacks that will have the weight of the world on their shoulders this season.

1)    Chad Henne


Yes I am a Dolphins fan and will take any excuse to talk Aqua and Orange, but the fact is Chad Henne is probably the quarterback that is facing the most pressure in the entire league. There are several reasons why Chad is listed number 1. Nothing is a better indicator of being under the pressure cooker then when your own fans are booing you in a practice. Chad was drafted in the second round and was thought to be the solution to the Dolphins’ QB search. To date, Chad hasn’t lived up to his potential in Miami and has left Miami fans STILL waiting for the first true starting QB since Dan Marino. Patience is running low for the Dolphins’ fan base and Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross for that matter.

This will be the final straw for Chad. Its make or break, do or die. Tony has put all his faith in Henne passing up bringing in real competition or drafting a QB. Now the ball is in Chad’s court. We shall see what happens.

2)      Donovan McNabb 


Some might think that putting McNabb to on this list is a bit high considering he has had a successful NFL career and doesn’t have much competition behind him. Vikings most likely will bring along rookie Ponder slowly to ensure a smooth transition to the pros. The reason I have McNabb at two on this list is because he is playing for his legacy. Right now, I think McNabb falls short of the Hall of Fame. However, if he has a resurgence and goes to a Super Bowl that perhaps will be changed. On the other side, if McNabb has another flop like in Washington his legacy could be tarnished. 


3)    David Garrard


Garrard has had a decent NFL career. However, he’s never really been able to take his game to the next level. While Garrard is a capable quarterback in this league and was just named the Week 1 starter by coach Jack Del Rio, rookie Sunshine (Blaine Gabbert) is sitting there ready to go. Gabbert has already started a preseason game and it wouldn’t be surprising if the Jags try him out late in the season if their year doesn’t go as planned.

4)    Jay Cutler


Jay Cutler will be the starting QB in Chicago for all 16 games this year and next year and probably for many years to come but there might not be a QB in this league that takes more heat than Jay Cutler. After his injury fiasco last year, many players around the league wasted no time throwing Cutler under the bus. Cutler has all the tools to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but to date, hasn’t really lived up to his potential. We shall see what happens to Cutler this year with all eyes on him. Will he bounce back. 

5) Tony Romo


Mr. Hollywood Tony Romo! Its one thing to have the pressure of being an NFL QB, but that pressure is doubled when you’re the starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys. There is no doubt in my mind Romo is a top 10 QB. But is he a Super Bowl winning QB? That big question has been flirting around Big D for the past 3 years. Romo will feel the pressure.