TOP 25 Active NFL Players

In recent days, and even weeks the news on the NFL and the Dolphins has been more dry then the prohibition.  Given the lack of breaking headlines and entertaining news I have decided to compile a list of the 25 best currently active NFL players.  There are a lot of lists going around of the top NFL players

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but I wanted to make mine a little different.  The way my top 25 list works is as follows; I wanted to choose the top 25 current players on a one year basis.  If you still don’t follow me, for those of you football fans outs there I’m going to be selecting the top 25 players I would draft in a fantasy draft in Madden 2011 if I could only play one year.  I am not looking at which players will have a brighter future, or which player will be better for the next 5 years, or which player has been the best throughout his career but I am taking the top 25 players I would take for the 2011-2012 season (if it were to happen). 

If you don’t like this list because it’s too specific for you, well, move on but chances are you’re sitting at your desk at work or your house on your laptop and have nothing better to do then either fantasize about Gisele Bündchen or go see Thor for a second time.  So sit back, maybe go grab a beer, enjoy and let me know what you think about my top 25 list.

Number 1: Peyton Manning QB, Colts

Ok, so let the debating start, but I warn you I’m a Master Debater. A lot of people will want me to put Brady > Manning but I am taking Manning here and not Brady.  My reasoning for putting Peyton number one is that I can’t draft Belichick with Brady. I think Manning without an elite coach is better than Brady without an elite coach. You need less to build around Peyton then you do for Tom Terrific. As Gruden calls him Manning is simply, ” The Sheriff”.


Number 2: Tom Brady, QB, Patriots

Not a tough one here, if you don’t have Brady #1 then you have no choice to put him at number 2. He has the hair, the wife, the money, he really has it all and I HATE HIM FOR IT.


Number 3: Big Ben Roethlisberger QB, Steelers

This might be the biggest shocker on my list. Most people will say this is way too high for Big Ben but, all he does is WIN WIN WIN no matter what.  A wise man once said “You Play to Win the Game” . Well that’s exactly what Big Ben is a winner.  2 Super Bowl Rings and 3 appearances. The guy makes the clutch plays when it matters the most.

Number 4: Drew Brees, QB, Saints

By now you probably realized I see value at the QB position. Brees is a little lightning bolt of energy and proved he has the skills to win a championship. Brees is an elite passer and one of the league’s toughest guys.  

Number 5: Troy Polamalu, S, Steelers

Most of you are probably thinking Troy?? The actor?? The guy in all the head and shoulder commercials?? Yes that Troy, believe it or not when he isn’t busy shooting commercials he actually takes complete control of the football field. He is the ultimate solider and an absolute game changer when healthy. He simply is the most dominate defense force in the league.


Number 6: Andre Johnson, WR, Texans

This guy is a mismatch with any DB on the field. He has the size and speed that helps him dominate games.  Johnson is a true football player and unlike most skilled WR’s doesn’t really possess that diva factor.  

  Number 7: Darrelle Revis, CB, JETS

He is a JET so I don’t want to say too many nice things about him but the fact is he is the best cornerback in the game and can shutdown any WR in the league and has proven it several times.

Number 8: Joe Thomas, OT, Browns

This pick might be another shocker but if you have watched Sandra Bullock’s tear jerker, The Blind Side you know the importance of being able to protect the QB. Most people around the league view Thomas as the ultimate BFF and top security guard to any QB in the league.

Number 9: Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers

The young gun slinger has been a sheer delight to watch ever since he stepped on the field.  Displaying an unbelievable amount of class on and off the field, he absolutely went crazy on opposing defenses this past playoffs and proved he is one of the elite QB’s in the league.

Number 10: Patrick Willis, MLB, 49ers

This one I wrestled in my mind quite a bit. While I think there is no doubt Willis is one of the top players on D in the NFL, his 49ers defense struggled mightily last year. Granted I don’t watch every 49ers game, and its rough to blame a whole team’s defense performance on one player bottom line is that Willis led defense was not an elite group last year.

Number 11: Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings

A true bulldozer. A running back that is able to combine insane strength with lightning fast speed. Peterson is the best overall running back in the NFL and is a top offensive player in the league.

Number 12: Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Cardinals

Another WR in the top 15?? Absolutely!!  Watch the 2009 playoffs and you won’t question me putting Fitz’s this high.


Number 13: Chris Johnson, RB, Titans

Some people don’t see value in running backs anymore in the NFL but Chris Johnson might be an exception to that.  Johnson is the start and finish of the Titans offense. Over 2000 yards 2 years ago, this back is the fastest running back the NFL has seen in a long time.

Number 14: James Harrison, OLB, Steelers

I had no choice but to put Harrison in my top 15 because if this list ever goes viral I don’t want him coming after me. Harrison is without a doubt the scariest most intimidating player in the entire league.  Some might even find him scarier than even Marilyn Manson.

Number 15: Ray Lewis, MLB, Ravens

Some might think he is too old to be this high but for my money for one year Lewis is the best leader in the NFL. Lewis not only is a tremendous player but also makes players around him better. Remember this list is for JUST the upcoming season. In that case, I wouldn’t want anyone else leading my defense other then Ray Ray.  

Number 16: DeMarcus Ware, OLB, Cowboys

When Parcells drafted Ware, he clearly had Lawrence Taylor in mind. While Ware isn’t Taylor, he certainly hasn’t let down. The speed pass rusher had a low profile year while leading the league in sacks this year.

Number 17: Philip Rivers, QB, Chargers

Best active QB without a ring in the NFL but puts all his heart in soul in the game and wants to win as much as anyone in this league. Rivers is an elite passer and a true franchise QB.

Number 18: Nnamdi Asomugha, CB, Free Agent

This man is going to be very rich soon as he is a free agent going into this off season. Nnamdi is probably the only true lockdown shutdown corner in the league aside from Revis. Some might even have him ranked higher than Revis.

Number 19: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Lions

He has only player one year but WOW what a rookie year, it did not take this kid long to prove he is going to be an elite DT in this league. Any time in your first year you can prove to the league you’re going to be a force to be reckon with, you have impressed me.

Number 20: Julius Peppers, DE, Bears

Last year as much as I respected Peppers I don’t think he would have made the top 25 but after watching him take over the Bears D and help bring them to the conference finals there is no doubt that Peppers is the elite DE in the league and can single handedly take over games.

Number 21: Calvin Johnson, WR, Lions

There is a reason this guys nickname is MEGATRON. What a BEAST! He is huge, he is fast he is everything you want in a WR. Despite his QB being often injured Johnson still has no problem taking over games and being the most dominant red zone threat in the NFL.


Number 22: Antonio Gates, TE, Chargers

Gates or Clark?? I went back and forth between these two guys and only wanted to put one in the top 25. I sided with Gates because even though both have elite QB’s I think Clark benefits from Manning more than Gates does from Rivers. Gates also has better size Clark. There is no doubt though that both are elite players in this league.

Number 23: Steve Hutchinson G, Vikings

Another wily old vet, Hutch is one of the best offensive linemen in the league and has been dominating for the past decade.

Number 24: Jared Allen, DE, Vikings

The Rhinestone cowboy Allen is a force on the outside and put the hurt on QBs around the league. Allen is an elite DE that takes over games and prevents opposing QB’s from doing their jobs properly.

Number 25: Jake Long, OT, Dolphins

OK, maybe some Phins bias here BUT you can easily debate that Long is the best tackle or offensive linemen in the league. Long is a big boy who has no problem throwing his body around and doing what is necessary to protect the QB. I am just happy he is a Dolphin!


Notable Snubs:  Ed Reed (too injury prone, no guarantee he players a full season at any time in his career), Ryan Clady (Lot of people have Clady as THE elite OT in the league but he has only player one year and missed another due to an injury).  Mike Vick (not willing to risk my franchise for his shtick) Charles Woodson (if you have him in your top 25 I wouldn’t argue with you) Chad Henne (HAHAHA couldn’t resist)


Do you agree with my top 25??? Let me know what you think??