Could Ryan Tannehill start week 1


As rookie camp got underway all the talk as expected was surrounding 1st round draft pick Ryan Tannehill.

The big question with Tannehill is, will be ready to start game 1.

Per Coach Philbin has previously said he’d let the “best man win,” and he’s sticking to that approach. “The difference is going to be the decision-making, the accuracy, the playmaking ability,” Philbin insisted.

While Tannehill is obviously the rookie with the least experience compared to Moore and Garrard, he also is the QB who knows this offense the best. Tannehill has been quoted as saying as much as 80-85 % of the playbook is familiar to him and similar to his offense at Texas A&M.

Tannehill also has the advantage of having a relationship with offensive coordinator Mike Sherman. Tannehill also has an advantage being the most athletic of the group. Not to mention the front office and coaching staff will most likely be getting fan pressure for Tannehill to start, however that will obviously not effect their decision.

Flacco, Dalton and other young rookie QB started from day one, so why not Tannehill.

Tannehill will have opportunity to fight for the starting job, the question is will he win it.