Dolphins Head Coaching Search: An Open Affair

A lot of us Dolfans are sitting on a tablet or iPhone waiting to see what our dear insiders Armando Salguero, Ben Volin, and Omar Kelly have to say about the Dolphins head coaching search. 

All I have done today is watch bowl games and watch my twitter feed.

This morning Jeff Ireland in a press release issued this exact statement:

“Steve Ross and I have a plan in place that is designated to insure that we identify and interview an outstanding set of candidates for the head coaching position. The process will be thorough, it will be in compliance with NFL policies, and will provide the best possible result for the franchise. “

“That search has begun and there is no designated timetable; it will be conducted in a manner that gives us the greatest opportunity to hire the individual we feel is best suited to become the team’s head coach. Steve and I are excited to embark on this process, and we are confident that it will result in the selection of an outstanding individual who will return the Dolphins to their long-time status as one of the most successful teams in the league. “

To summarize as the candidates are interviewed, the Dolphins will share with the media and fans who the candidates are if the candidate and the team feels comfortable.  This search has no particular time table.  Dolphins will be thorough in their approach and not make a hasty hire.


Here are the early known candidates:

Mike Pettine: New York Jets Defensive Coordinator (An interview might be taking place as we speak in New Jersey)
Dave Toub: Chicago Bears Special Teams Coordinator (Will interview in the next couple of days)

Todd Bowles: Current Interim Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins (Interview said to have taken place today to satisfy Rooney Rule, but 2-1 since taking over for Sparano).

While the candidate list is not complete, more candidates will be interviewed and I expect the Dolphins to look across all levels of experience and for them to pick the guy that has chemistry with Jeff Ireland.

Fan perception today in an earlier poll by Armando Salguero on Twitter is that recently fired Bill Polian is the preferred choice at GM.

Fans are also grapling with the shocking and appauling report also by Salguero that Gruden at some point was offered the reins of the organization by Stephen Ross over dinner and control over player personnel and coaching hires. 

So, where do we stand as Dolfans?  Who do we want?  What will the best coach bring to this team?

We know that fans are clamoring for Jeff Fisher, Bill Cowher, and Jon Gruden.  Let’s get over it.  We are 6-10 and don’t have a QB!

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