Miami Dolphins – Over / Under

The offseason has slowed down quite a bit, however the excitement is almost ready to take place with training camp and the preseason coming up. That being said it’s time to have some fun, time for some over/under.

Reggie Bush –Over / under – 1,086 rushing yards.

1,086 is the number of rushing yards Reggie had last year in playing 15 games. Reggie has made it public that he thinks he is in the hunt for the rushing title this year. While I believe Reggie will play a lot more WR and open up the field this year, I still believe he will get the bulk of the carry. All the information, (drafting Lamar Miller, Thomas ready to make an impact) suggests to go under on this I don’t think it would be wise to doubt Reggie.

Reggie has come to the Dolphins and been one of the hardest workers on the team, for that reason I am going over but only slightly.

PFT recently put out an article saying that Reggie is ready to carry the load. See link below 


Ryan Tannehill starts at QB – Over/ under – 3 Starts

This is really a tough one. While I don’t believe Tannehill starts week one, I think there is a solid chance that he gets to see the field this season. Tannehill is obviously familiar with the playbook and by the sight of the tweets from Tannehill and Ocho; he is trying to build a relationship with his receivers.

I am going to take a different route on this one and go with under on this one and say Tannehill starts 2 games this season.  I don’t think Philbin is the type of coach to give up on a season and feed his rookie QB to the wolves.


Chad Ochocino– Over/ under has over 700 yards receiving

While Chad is no lock to make this roster, there is a chance that he is able to make an impact on the team this year. Ocho will provide leadership to this young core and is motivated to prove that he has something left in the tank.

This is probably the toughest over/under and while I like the Ocho signing, I am going to go under, he isn’t as young and talented as he use to be and the image of his less than impactful season in New England is still left in my mind.


Cameron Wake – Over/Under 10 sacks

Wake had 8.5 sacks last season after piling up 14 the season before then. Now that Wake has signed the dotted line and has been paid, I believe he is the type of player to want to prove his worth. Wake was one of the top defensive ends last year in pressures, sacks and drawn holdings combined. Wake has proved he is an elite pass rusher and I believe he will find himself in Hawaii by the year’s end.


The Miami Dolphins – 7.5 Wins Over/Under


This is the current number that Vegas has for the Dolphins. Vegas as always knows their stuff, the dolphins don’t have elite talent but play very hard and will be motivated to succeed under their new head coach.

That being said I think the AFC is too strong for the Dolphins. With no starting QB set, and a offense that lacks weapons on the outside, I think the Dolphins are a year away from becoming potential playoff contenders. It will be a very interesting season but I believe the 6-7 win range is the most realistic one at this point.

It pains me to do this but: UNDER