The New Regime under Coach Joe Philbin

13-3…that was the amazing turnaround that one San Francisco Bay Area team had under a new regime with Jim Harbaugh and his sidekick from college Vic Fangio. 

Fast forward to offseason 2012, when things were looking pretty bleak for the Miami Dolphins despite the new coaching change and promise of an NFL experienced staff with Coach Mike Sherman and Coach Kevin Coyle; and not landing the Franchise QB in Peyton Manning or anyone with a passer rating higher than 90. 

Coach Joe Philbin in 16 days will be ready to lead this team through training camp and prepare the Dolphins for 16 games and a chance to play 19 games.

The expectations are high because Steve Ross places high expectations on all of his investments.  While his real state business has done well, his ownership of his team has yet to outperform the rest of the AFC East.  Steve Ross wants this team in the playoffs and he wants it to happen now.

Which is why Philbin has a plan that the Dolphins players will follow. 

Knock on wood, but there have been no arrests this offseason.  There has been almost 100% participation by all players in the aqua and orange.

Distractions of contract holdouts, abrupt retirements, and an incomplete roster have been minimized greatly! 

When players such as Reggie Bush have griped about the fast paced offense that doesn’t allow time to collect oneself, the implication by Reggie is that this offense will be difficult to stop and keep the rest of the NFL on their toes.  Offense.  Something that has not been seen since the likes of…some QB drafted in 1983.

History tells us as fans not to buy into this idea of an OC becoming a great coach in Miami, in fact, it has yet to happen…but let’s look at the future in Miami as being bright, not because of one player or coach, but because of a collective understanding of 53 guys and 20+ coaches that will make this team go.  Not to mention a front office that is skilled with evaluating talent with Jeff Ireland and Brian Gaine. (Fans will gripe about the lack of execution by Ireland, but they have never been a GM and are only basing their intelligence off of fantasy football.)

The question is, can the Dolphins win this season to satisfy the insatiable thirst for victory that Steve Ross sees around him as he enters the airspace of South Florida?

Two words: Joe Philbin.

Michael Serranía

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