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    This site is dedicated to both fact and opinion for the Miami Dolphins.  Over the weeked, as Dolfans we all learned about the Miami Dolphins communication with the League Office regarding a potential logo change for 2013.  Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post wrote about this very idea that the Dolphins might be changing the logo for the first time since 1997.  His article can be read at the following link:

Maybe it was the Logo 7 Marino jersey that I received as a youngster from my Tía from Miami Lakes that sparked my interest in the Dolphins color scheme so much so that I would draw jerseys of Marino in aqua and orange markers or colored pencils. 

The Miami Dolphins jersey and pant combination is one of the best in my biased opinion.  All white at home, aqua pants and white jersey on the road and the occasional aqua jersey on the road, and aqua only at home for night games.

Get it?  The Dolphins logo was the same until 1997 when Jimmy Johnson was coaching in Miami.  After one season and an 8-8 record, the Dolphins logo was given some toughness in a more confident Dolphin jumping through a hoop representing the sun.  Was it Jimmy Johnson’s affinity for the Cowboy Navy that sparked the change after the 1996 season?  It is a bit peculiar that all of a sudden, the Dolphin jersey sported a navy stripe on the jersey numbers after Jimmy Johnson was at the helm.   Frankly, I liked the incorporation of the Navy into the color scheme, but it meant having to keep up with the latest trends and purchase a Zach Thomas jersey for $250 plus tax on the Dolphins website. 

At this point, the Dolphins have not indicated any drastic changes to the logo.  However, one could speculate  that there could be changes on the horizon based on the bizarre tweet from fellow Dolfan

@Robi2184 on July 10th: New Dolphins Uniforms Coming In 2013 – Do We Have Our First Leak?,

As you can see there is a first picture with a gentlemen wearing a silver Miami Dolphins helmet with a logo that appears to represent the Miami Dolphins.  Please take a look! 

In reality, the changing of a logo for the Miami Dolphins represents welcome change in making strides to look better on the field and sell more jerseys and hats.  However, the changing of a logo also means that the Dolphins are unlike the Steelers, Packers, Browns, and any other team that has not fiddled with their logo and color scheme for over 50 years! 

I say that tradition is what keeps the NFL great and that changing something for the sake of changing the image of the franchise would be terrible for the fans and watching the games…could you imagine the Dolphins playing the Patriots and both are wearing the same colored helmet???

Please continue to read on as we will be delivering news where ever we see it. 

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