Dolphins new jerseys

New Dolphins uniforms leaked

The Miami Dolphins had originally planned to reveal their new uniforms on the first day of the NFL draft this Thursday, however similiar to the logo, the jerseys were leaked on twitter. It appears as though the Dolphins uniforms were revealed accidently during the Jaguars unvieling of their new jerseys for the upcoming season.

The two uniform combinations for the Dolphins this season will be aqua and white jerseys, both with white pants. There is evidently less orange than in previous years and the team will not feature an alternate orange jersey this season. An all aqua combination will not be used either. 

Following the leak, the overall perception of unbiased national media has been quite positive. The simple approach makes the jersey's look sharp and clean with sleek adjustments made to the font of the numbers. The new all white face masks and helmets are also on display.