Phins Phocus goes to Davie for Dolphins Web Weekend

For those of you who don’t know, this week the Miami Dolphins are hosting their 10th annual Web Weekend.

Web Weekend is one weekend during the season when the Dolphins host a group of fan bloggers from all over the country and even Canada to give them insight on day to day Dolphins operations as well as a couple of cool surprises.

The highlight of the weekend is on Sunday hopefully watching the Dolphins kick some Bills ass.

I have the honor of representing both Phins Phocus and Cover 32 Miami on this special weekend. When I started up Phins Phocus, I never dreamed this day would come where the site has got so big where we would be invited to this amazing weekend. Thanks all of our followers and to the work of Mick and the rest of the team, this was a great day for Phins Phocus. 

Claudia Lezcano the VP of Marketing for the Dolphins started off the day by giving the group a couple of cool tidbits on the new Dolphins jersey and logo re-design.

An interesting piece we learnt from her, is that there is a possibility for a 3rd alternative jersey to be added. She did however mention that it will 100% not be an orange jersey and there absolutely will not be a Halloween jersey. A blue or vintage look might be a possibility.

After Claudia we were greeted by Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin. Philbin was candid responding to fans and like with the media was able to dodge any hard hitting questions.

Philbin did however mention this past week of practice was the best they have had all year.

Philbin took the time to chat with fans and take pictures and was really appreciative for what the fans bring to the organization.

Philbin was followed by Punter Brandon Fields and 2 time pro bowler long snapper John Denney who did a Q&A with the group where we learnt that the Pro Bowl is very much on Brandon’s mind and is a personal goal he would like to achieve this season.

Brandon also shared that he has been texting with former Dolphins kicker Dan Carpenter this week but no trash talking has taken place.

To finish the day off the Web Weekend group met with Jesse Agler, Sam Madison and OJ McDuffie for an informal chat where all spoke of their love for the Dolphins and team former Fins answered a couple of questions while joking around.

Day 1 was pretty special and I’m sure the rest of the weekend should be just as exciting

Today was Day 1 of the weekend and it did not disappoint.