Dolphins have image problems: welcome to 2014

As Peyton Manning stood at the podium with confetti floating around following the Broncos' convincing win over the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship, I can't help but wonder what could've been.  Because of tweedle dumb (Steven Ross) and tweedle dumber (Jeff Ireland), it wasn't to be.  After what has–and continues to happen–in Miami, Peyton made the right choice.

I'm not sure what's more ridiculous.  So far here are 2014's musings…

1–There's former Dolphins WR Devon Bess' naked tweets and other erratic behavior.  NOW we know why he was traded to Cleveland for essentially a case of beer.  It's being reported now that Jeff Ireland traded him KNOWING that Bess was a mess.  Slimy move from Ireland.  It just adds to his reputation as a rotten human being.

2–Ryan Tannehill's wife, Lauren "forgetting" that she had a $2000.00 rifle in the back seat of a rental car.  How does that happen?  IT'S A RIFLE!  It's not like it was a makeup bag.  Can you imagine the uproar it would've caused had that weapon fallen in the wrong hands?  Hey Ryan, hire an assistant from now on.  Thank God they don't have kids.  

3–Owner Steven Ross firing ONLY Ireland, knowing full well the pressure Philbin and his staff will have once the new GM is hired.  If the 2014 Dolphins don't start off fast, Philbin will be gone by week 5.  Good luck with that.  But hey, miracles do happen.

4–The comical GM search.  After delaying what should've been the easiest decision in sports history, Ross finally fired Ireland.  It came less than a month after his foolish vote of confidence. Ross has since interviewed just about every adult human being in Florida.  To make matters worse he's leaving for London and China for the next couple of weeks.  

5–We STILL have yet to hear about the findings from the Incognito/Martin report.  Apparently it doesn't matter to the Dolphins as Incognito is tagging along on a team trip to the Dominican Republic.

We're only now starting to put all these pieces together, but Peyton Manning knew long ago–the Miami Dolphins are a total disaster.  Maybe the new GM can change things. But until Ross is finished interviewing the masses, we can only hope.  I've got to go prepare for my interview with him.  When's yours?