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Dolphins refute report by CBS Sports

What else are they going to say?  The Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross' Dolphins and Dennis Hickey's roster full of Dolphins seem unlikely to trade Cameron Wake, Mike Wallace, and number one (pick #3) pick Dion Jordan.

With the rumor mill in full swing prior to looming free agency on March 11th, a report by Jason LaCanfora intimates that according to a source, Dion Jordan could be traded by the Dolphins to free up cap room.  The article can be accessed here

Not long after, Dolphins beat reporter, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald sat back in his lawn chair while sipping a beverage and casually hit up his source in Davie and was told the Dolphins are doing no such thing by trading Cam Wake, Mike Wallace, or Dion Jordan.

Who do we believe?  First of all, we believe in Miami reporting because even though things are difficult to get from the Dolphins in terms of information, the reporting of the Dolphins has been usually accurate.  Next, we believe that Armando Salguero has the source that LaCanfora doesn't have.  Even though La Canfora has publicly said that he stands by his story:

@JasonLaCanfora Just to reiterate, Dion Jordan absolutely was made available to NFL teams by the Dolphins. Um, and why would they ever "confirm" it. Please

The Dolphins have made every attempt to squash the bug on this one before the rumor flies in the face of a player such as Mike Wallace who could re-structure his deal, a Cam Wake who does have every intention of playing out his deal, and rookie Dion Jordan who Jason Taylor clearly wants to help get better.

A week can't go by with the Dolphins making headlines.

The trouble is, who is telling the truth?   What if these players are gone? Why would a season ticket holder want to watch a bunch of college kids start? Where's the draw?

For Dolphins fans who are high paying season ticket holders, the aspirations of a winning season just became hollow.

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