For Dolphins fans, patience is the key to offseason of uncertainty

Last week most Dolphins fans got what they wanted with the pseudo firing of Jeff Ireland and firing offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.  Due to the need to make things seem normal in Miami, things have moved at a quick pace in order to attract the best GM and OC for the team.  Each interviewee has entered with a portfolio of scouting preferences, strategies, and philosophies looking to wow Carl Peterson, Dawn Aponte, Matt Higgins, and Stephen Ross for the job of a lifetime.  After all, there are only 32 GM jobs in the NFL.  The Dolphins GM search has been probably the only thing that has been somewhat positive in Davie, Florida and the team has followed through by making it a transparent search by issuing a press release after every interview. 

After meeting with five candidates over the weekend, the Dolphins fans were greeted by a report by Jason La Canfora that detailed the “uncertainty” about the front office structure by certain GM candidates.  It’s the aspect of uncertainty that has continued to plague the Dolphins for sometime.  This aspect of uncertainty that is not lost on Dolphins fans and has been part of the growing debate all over Twitter.  In fact, wasn’t this uncertainty the same troubling dark cloud that has kept Peyton Manning, Jim Harbaugh, and Jeff Fisher from being the kings of Miami?

In addition, head coach Joe Philbin has meet with several offensive coordinator candidates:  Bill Lazor, Gary Kubiak,  Kyle Shanahan, and Ben McAdoo. While these meetings have taken place with great urgency, the content of the meetings have been mixed at best.  After hearing from reliable reporters such as Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, who was talking up Ben McAdoo as an up and comer from Green Bay prior to the firing of Mike Sherman,; fans this evening were greeted with a thanks but no thanks on the part of McAdoo taking the OC job with the New York Football Giants.   Immediately after, Bill Lazor (QB coach Eagles) was off the market after being named the OC for the Detroit Lions.   At this point, it’s anyone’s guess which candidate is in the driver’s seat  for the OC position since the Dolphins have lost out on both Ben McAdoo and Bill Lazor. 

In the case of the GM search, earlier today, the Dolphins met with Brian Xanders, a personnel executive with the Lions, but served as GM of the Broncos before John Elway let him go.  Xanders has been responsible for the draft in Denver from 2009-2012 and has been responsible for assembling a great Broncos team.  Xanders has been a mainstay in the league since 1994 where he began in player personnel with the Falcons.  Of all the candidates thus far, one thing is clear, the Dolphins have looked at all candidates available that have been willing to interview. 

For now, the Dolphins have moved quickly on narrowing down their GM list.  We’ve seen the name Ray Farmer of the Browns pop up and it’s certainly a possibility given his ties to Carl Peterson from their time in Kansas City.  However, it appears the Dolphins will name their next GM very soon and one that will report to Stephen Ross and no one else.

How soon the Dolphins name a GM is the big question. The longer the Dolphins wait to name their GM, the more the team’s fans look at their options as to whether or not to renew their season tickets.  Dolphins fans have their own salary cap of sorts and one more negative could cause them to pull back on their own fiscal spending.

For an owner that needs the buy-in from the local fans, it would behoove Stephen Ross to choose the candidate that will be there for year’s to come, not the candidate that will be faxing his résumé to other teams two years from now.


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