What’s the deal with Brian Hartline?


Last season, Brian Hartline proved his worth by hauling in 76 passes for 1,016 yards.  However, it was the pass catch and run that eclipsed 1,000 yards that proved almost fatal for Hartline’s career.

As a result, Hartline hobbled off the field in pain and would never return.  Dolphins fans feared the worst.  Most of all, after Hartline was lost for the game Ryan Tannehill became one-dimensional not getting help from his offensive line nor his running backs.  The importance of Brian Hartline showed that Tannehill didn’t seem comfortable throwing to receiver Mike Wallace and had no choice, but display his lack of chemistry as the Dolphins playoff hopes dwindled.

As of now, Hartline is recovering from a sprained PCL.  An injury that can nag with a bitter cold winter in Ohio, and an injury that can linger with the suffocating South Florida heat and humidity.

Brian Hartline, is and should be the go-to receiver of the Miami Dolphins.  Last year, his four touchdowns set a career high in the productivity that was expected of the receiver from Ohio State.  His ability to toe tap on the sideline while catching errant passes separated himself from the speedy Mike Wallace who doesn’t catch the ball cleanly in traffic.  Hartline and Tannehill since day one have had a chemistry that is bar none.  Not one receiver on the Dolphins team can hold a candle to Brian Hartline’s tenacity, effort, and heart that he shows week in and week out.  Not even Mike Wallace, up until this point has shown the same crispness of catching the football as Hartline has shown with Ryan Tannehill.  Hartline appears to be a superior route runner which makes him more difficult to cover over the middle and on the sidelines.

Brian Hartline needs to recover and be healthy for the Dolphins to succeed this season.  He’s the only guy right now on the Dolphins that makes quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s job easier.  Without Hartline, the Dolphins are not the same.

However, enter second round pick Jarvis Landry.  He possesses a similar skill set of what Hartline can do.  Labeled as a possession receiver, Landry lacks the speed, but makes up for it on game film for his acrobatic catches and ability to separate from coverage.

Bottom line, Hartline will be pushed which is a good thing, because he most definitely welcomes the competition.  Anything that can make him better and more dominant on this Dolphins team equals more success in the AFC and in turn versus the rest of the NFL.

Let’s not forget Brian Hartline and wish him a speedy recovery, because we know as Dolfans that this offense doesn’t run as smoothly without him.

Update: Brian Hartline is on the field for today’s OTA practice and he engineered a double reverse to Mike Wallace for a 20 yard gain.  Way to go Meowgatron! Well played!


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