Charles Clay, Mike Wallace

Dolphins send Bears home to hibernate 27-14

It started with a second series and an invigorating 3rd down zone read, run play by Ryan Tannehill. The quarterback has three choices when running the read, run, throw or keep. Ryan Tannehill, like a gazelle kept the ball for a 30 yard sprint only to be dragged down by a defender. In fact, Tannehill […]

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears

Dolphins versus Bears preview

The last time the Dolphins played the Bears in Chicago, they were coached by Nick Saban, linebacker/ defensive end Jason Taylor was at the peak of his career, and the team was winless at 0-6.  What both Dolphins teams have in common at this point is that both coaches were under fire for their quarterback […]


Are Dolphins players to blame for yesterday’s loss?

If there is an ever problematic sentence in professional is one that blames the coaches. Take for instance linebacker Phillip Wheeler and his comments after the game as told to Andrew Abramson (Palm Beach Post). First Wheeler takes on the defense that he basically didn’t know and felt that since he is the worst pass […]


Dolphins suffer a heart-breaking loss to Packers 27-24

The Miami Dolphins almost proved that they are a force to be reckoned with as they led the Packers 24-17 early with 9:13 in the 4th quarter.  After that 9:13 and 5 minutes later up by 4 points, the Miami offense called a set of disorganized, uncharacteristic play calls (for closing out a game). Convention […]

Dolphins and Packers

Dolphins must answer the bell post-bye week

The sunscreen has already worn-off as most Dolphins players have gotten in a full week of practice following the bye week of travel and rest and relaxation. The Dolphins will host the Green Bay Packers this coming week in a showcase of an orange carpet that hopefully gets snagged from under the Packers high powered […]


Dolphins’ Derrick Shelby arrested this morning

There really isn’t an easy way to say this, but just this morning at 2:28 Eastern, Dolphins defensive end, Derrick Shelby was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest. What’s interesting is the mugshot photo which shows a battered and bruised Shelby, whom was reportedly at the Off the Hookah Night Club in Fort Lauderdale until […]


Dolphins defeat and dominate Oakland Raiders 38-14

It didn’t take long after the Oakland Raiders drew first blood after a Brian Leonhardt touchdown, the Dolphins flipped a switch to run up the score for 38 unanswered points.  While many Dolphins fans will celebrate this win in the streets of London, the road is only going to get tougher for the Dolphins.  The […]


Dolphins slip up to the Chiefs 34-15

The title of this article bares mentioning that the Miami Dolphins today scored 15 points and lost what most thought was a winnable game. Despite the Miami defense owning the line of scrimmage early on, it took a lot of running back Knile Davis of the Chiefs to prove that the Miami run defense bares […]


Five questions with Chiefs 360 writer Steph Roets

This week we at had the pleasure of speaking with Steph Roets of, a site dedicated at informing the rabid Kansas City Chiefs fans with the most coverage as possible.  The site is awesome and features a news section that is fantastic! Steph was kind enough to not take too many shots at […]

Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts

Dolphins bring back running back Daniel Thomas

After losing to Buffalo 29-10, the Dolphins could be without both Knowshon Moreno and Lamar Miller for an extended period of time. At this time, the time table for Moreno is much longer and he could be placed on IR and be back after week 7 or 8. Lamar Miller on the other hand seemed […]


Bills squish the Dolphins 29-10

In a series of bad omens, the Miami Dolphins not only lost the game, they lost their way in Buffalo.  It looked like the offensive playbook ended up in the hands of the Buffalo Bills as the Dolphins couldn’t cross into Buffalo territory in the first half.  While things looked promising pre-game with Knowshon Moreno […]


Do you know your enemy? An interview with Buffalo Wins

This past week, we at had an opportunity to catch up with an old foe  friend Joe Pinzone, editor of Buffalo Wins.  When Joe wasn’t wiping off the buffalo sauce off his hands, he managed to respond to our inquisitive questioning of what the heck is going on in Buffalo.  Clearly no one circles […]


Dolphins deal the Patriots a bone-crushing loss 33-20

Today, the Miami Dolphins played two halves as distinctly as a football team could.  The first half was wrought with three consecutive turnovers: one by Mike Wallace fumbling, one by Lamar Miller, and an interception by Ryan Tannehill under throwing Mike Wallace.  Three turnovers that gave the Patriots 17 points. However, the Dolphins defense and […]

New England Patriots Vs. Miami Dolphins At SunLife Stadium

Has being a loyal Dolphins fan run its course?

Here goes nothing! The Miami Dolphins are a favorite amongst a large percentage of NFL fans in Florida and anywhere outside of Florida. Everyone that I know in California likes the 49ers, Raiders and Chargers, but the people I have met are long time and loyal Dolfans. Being a Dolfan outside of the viewing area […]