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This is King Tannenbaum’s court now

Class hasn’t even begun and already someone may be waiting in the principal’s office.  Maurkice Pouncey’s comments about Mike Wallace is exactly the thing that will get his little brother Mike in trouble with Dolphins’ management.  Referring to Wallace as a “coward” (and since back peddling a bit), big brother Maurkice hasn’t played with Mike […]


My Apologies

I want to start this off by apologizing to Joe Philbin. You’re not to blame. It’s not your fault that the Miami Dolphins are yet again a laughingstock NFL franchise.  It’s not your fault that the team faltered down the home stretch of the last 2 seasons. It’s not your fault the players seem to […]


Dolfans rage ignites once again

Let the rage begin! Blow it up!  Fire everyone!  Find a new QB!  Everyone sucks! I hope you all had the wherewithal to lay down a big chunk of change (legally of course) and took the Pats minus the points like I mentioned earlier today.  Thanks to yet another futile attempt at 4 quarters of […]


No Christmas Miracle For the Dolphins

If there was ever a time to place a bet on a sporting event(legally of course), that you KNEW was a sure thing–today’s the day.  The Dolphins have absolutely NO chance to beat the Patriots in Foxboro.  Zero…nada…zilch.  It’s not even gonna be close.  This game will be SOOOO bad, that once the first quarter […]


Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins horror movie

Dr. Jekyll meet Ryan Tannehill. Mr. Hyde meet Ryan Tannehill. There is nothing scarier for a Dolphins fan than watching a poor first half from the team’s general on the field.  Somehow Ichabod Philbin needs to keep the Mr Hyde version of Ryan Tannehill off the field and Dr. Jekyll under center.  If not, Miami’s […]


Will Ryan Tannehill’s future be as a backup quarterback?

Looking back at my partial column that I was GOING to write is proving to be spot on.  Here were my thoughts after the impressive victory vs. the Pats last Sunday…  That’s it.  Superbowl or everyone gets fired!  It doesn’t get  any bigger than this win for the 2014 Miami Dolphins.  But did they just peak?  […]


The lighter side of Joe Philbin’s press conference

After a few minutes of laughing, followed by a few chuckles and an intermittent knee slap,  I continued my day.  No, I didn’t just watch an episode of Big Bang Theory.  It was Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin’s stand up comedy show disquised nicely as his Scouting Combine press conference.  All that was missing was […]


A black eye on Valentines Day for Dolphins fans

What a way to turn Valentines Day into a huge bummer.  In the wake of the Ted Wells report on the Dolphins locker room fiasco, all that needs to be said is that this feels like a huge punch in the gut.   It’s sad really, there are no winners in this.  Fingers can be […]

Joe Philbin preseason

The three ring circus continues for Miami Dolphins

As the Dolphins begain their GM search, 7 8 candidates were interviewed.  Then surprise surprise out of nowhere, the New England Patriots reared their ugly head out of nowhere with Nick Caserio on his Spygate 2.0 mission. As if Bill Belichick feared the Dolphins having one several hats and tee shirts because of the Dolphins.  Come […]


Dolphins have image problems: welcome to 2014

As Peyton Manning stood at the podium with confetti floating around following the Broncos' convincing win over the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship, I can't help but wonder what could've been.  Because of tweedle dumb (Steven Ross) and tweedle dumber (Jeff Ireland), it wasn't to be.  After what has–and continues to happen–in Miami, […]

Can Joe Philbin find his swagger?

Joe Philbin was asked if the Miami Dolphins had “swagger” gong into this week's game in Buffalo.  His response was that he didn’t know what that word meant.  Of course he didn’t.  He also doesn’t know the definition of the word “coach." However,  he’ll have next season to figure out how to best coach this […]

roethlisberger vs dolphins

Can these Jekyll and Hyde Dolphins beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Just when you count them out, they (the Dolphins) reel us back in.  Sure, the Jets are horrible and at this point in the season any decent defense that has an anemic offense is vulnerable.  The Jets actually held their own for a half allowing only two field goals, but without any help from the […]

Mike Wallace(1)

Who is the real monster in the Dolphins locker room?

The Miami Dolphins have a monster in the locker room.  No, it's not Richie Incognito—his name is Mike Wallace.  Wallace on Sunday had 5 receptions against the Panthers for 125 yards and 53 yard touchdown.  His numbers demonstrate big money numbers for a big money player. Yes, it’s the same Mike Wallace that dropped a […]

Ryan Tannehill

Is Ryan Tannehill another Alex Smith?

Maybe we need to lower our expectations about the Miami Dolphins.  After watching the Dolphins slip past the Chargers, I found myself pretty disappointed with Ryan Tannehill's performance.  Yeah, in the end they won, but he missed a wide open Wallace down the sideline for an easy touchdown-again this week-and also misfired on a pass […]

Jay Glazer

Is it context or text messages for Richie Incognito?

I’ve had a week to digest the whole mess that is the 2013 Miami Dolphins.  I’ve sat back, listened and laughed at how the media is always at its worst when it comes to some kind of social hot button. I understand it’s the media’s job to REACT to current events, not OVERREACT.  I was […]