NEW Blogger at Phins Phocus !

Hello Phins Phocus nation,   Today we got some pretty exciting news, NO the Dolphins don’t have a new coach but even better we have added a third blogger to our team Sebastian ( @sebastianmaich ) . Sebastian is a huge Dolphins fan and was looking for a way to express his thoughts on the […]


Miami Dolphins New Years Resolution

It’s December 30th and 2011 is coming to and end, the Dolphins finish 2011 with another losing season and maybe questions to be answered this off season. With that being said the Dolphins must have one New Year’s resolution to hopefully build a bright future for this team. If I could choose one New Years […]

What Jason Taylor means to me

Jason Taylor was drafted out of Akron in the 3rd round with fellow longtime teammate and brother-in-law Zach Thomas out of Texas Tech.  Taylor and Thomas began the rebuilding efforts by Jimmy Johnson as he tried to put his stamp on the team. Jason Taylor is a 6 time pro-bowler with a 3 time all pro […]


Miami Dolphins 2012 Pro Bowl Selections

Update: The sheer significance of Marshall’s season is that he is the only receiver since Irving Fryar to have posted a 1,000 yards receiving in back to back seasons.  That’s a remarkable feat, but also very telling since Miami has lacked a true quarterback threat or any kind of air attack until this year.  For […]


Jason Taylor to retire, off to HOF ?

This article was written by me for This Given Sunday ( )    According to the Miami Herald, Jason Taylor plans on hanging up the cleats (or dancing shoes) after 15 seasons. Taylor is now 37 at the end of his career and currently sits 6th on the all time sack list with 139.5 Taylor was […]


Marino vs Brees : The Record

Last night the Miami Dolphin messiah Dan Marino saw another of his cherished records fall as Drew Brees eclipsed his record for the greatest single season in passing yards. Marino has seen records fall to Brett Farve (career passing touchdowns) who had his career linger on and it was only evitable that Marino’s record would […]

An Offseason of Uncertainty Looms

With the eventual black Monday on the horizon where coaches are axed annually after not living up to an owners expectations, the Dolphins face another coaching change in the last 4 years. This season has the Dolphins playing at a rather inconsistent level after squandering 4th quarter leads Houston Oiler v. Buffalo Bills playoff game style […]

Reasons for Todd Bowles as the Next Coach

Updated: After the Dolphins debacle in the second half of the game and I still want to give Coach Bowles one more chance to see what kind of leadership and toughness he can instill in week 17.  The chance for Bowles is nothing new to South Florida media.  Armando Salguero would rather not touch the […]


Matt Barkley to stay in school ! Dolphins draft plans screwed ?

This morning most Dolphins fan woke up with their team being 5-9 but at least having hope a franchise QB might be on the way. Whether it was Matt Barkley or RG3, fans, including myself were starting to grow in excitement that one of the two QB studs would become the next Dolphins QB for […]


Dolphins Draft Situation

As week 16 is about to begin, Dolphins fans can’t help to look ahead to April with a 5-9 record. After a 0-7 start draft talk has dominated the minds of Dolphins fans across the nation. Since we can’t talk playoff scenarios in Miami, I guess it’s time for some potential draft day scenarios.With 3 […]

Is Brandon Marshall Having A Good Season ?

As week 15 ended last night, I took a glance at some stats on NFL.COM to notice, Brandon Marshall sits 12th in the league in receiving yards with 1,201 yards and 12th in receptions with 70. Marshall is also 10th in the league with 17 20+ yards receptions. Those numbers place him with the top […]


Q + A with guys from Foxboro Blog

In anticipation of one of the final games of the season against arguably the Dolphins toughest opponent year in and year out, Phins Phocus and Foxboro Blog have decided to hold a little Q+ A and find out what we think about each other’s squads. 1)    When you see the Dolphins on the schedule, what […]


Dolphins dominate Bills, but what does it mean?

First off, I’d like to do something you want find me doing very much ever, thank you Jeff Ireland for trading for Reggie Bush.  While a lot of doubted can be placed on Ireland and most warranted, one place he did not screw up is with Reggie Bush.  Reggie had his first career 200 yard […]


Brian Billick the favorite to land the Dolphins head coaching job ?

It appears after all the speculation of all the different head coaching options for the Dolphins, Brian Billick is the current front runner.   Billick recently spoke with the Miami Herald where he told him “The Dolphins are a marquee franchise,” Billick said.  “But at the end of the day, it’s the structure of what […]