Chris Clemons loves competition and wants to start

One of the big question marks going into this season is who will be the Miami Dolphins’ starting free safety.  There aren’t many positional battles on this roster so the biggest one probably comes at the back end of the secondary.  2009 5th-round draft pick Chris Clemons will battle it out this offseason with 2010 5th-round draft pick Reshad Jones. Both players have had their success and fair share of struggles. It will be a very competitive battle to see who lands the starting job. Both players show plenty of upside.  We had the good fortune to interview with the current Dolphins’ starting free safety Chris Clemons to see what he thinks of this competition.


1)  How do you feel about going into year two of Mike Nolan’s defense? 

I feel really good about going in year two. I am much more comfortable with the scheme and it seemed that every game things were coming easier to me.

2)  Do you still feel there is room for improvement on this defense?

I feel there’s always room for improvement. We can always create more turnovers giving the offense more opportunities. 

3)  What do you think the biggest hole in this defense is?

I don’t think there’s really a big hole, I think we have to be more balanced. Have to stop both the run and pass every game.

4) Do you think you have the best dreads in Miami since Ricky?

Yeah I feel like I have the best dreads since Ricky.

5)  What do you think you need to improve in your game to put you over the top?

I think I have to come down with more balls especially the deep balls. I think I have to take more chances when I have the opportunity.

6)  Do you and Reshad Jones have a good relationship or is it purely competitive?

Yeah we have a good relationship but when we step in-between the line it’s all competitive. I like to compete no matter who it’s against. 


7)  What’s your overall goal for 2012?

My overall goal for 2012 is to win the division then the Super Bowl. Personally, my goal is to be one of the top safeties in the league. Make more plays than I did a year ago.