Exclusive Interview with Jason La Canfora


NFL Network has hooked us up once again. NFL insider  Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora ) gave us some of his time to give Phins Phocus a little exclusive preview on free agency. We asked Jason several questions about the Dolphins and what to expect when the lockout ends. Jason is the NFL Network’s inside man and has all the scoop so you should make sure you take what information he gives us very seriously.

1) What are your thoughts on this year’s free agency crop?
Well, if it includes fourth-year guys as GMs are suspecting, then its a nice crop. Deep at receiver in particular. Some nice DBs. Not a ton of linebackers and biggest shortcoming is with pass rushers.

Won’t be finding too many franchise rushers or quarterbacks or stud left tackles, but its a better, younger group than what was on the open market last year, for sure.
2) What kind of trades do you expect this off-season?
I don’t expect a ton of them. Kolb, Haynesworth, McNabb, Osi, Steve Smith will be guys we hear a lot about, but I suspect one two of them actually get dealt in the end. 

3) When do you expect the Titans’ decision on Vince Young to be made?
Well, the decision has been made to move on from him. The owner said as much. I figure they go ahead and release him shortly after the lockout.

4) Does your gut still tell you Carson won’t be traded?


Mike Brown has never been on to mix messages with stuff like this. And teams I’ve spoken to who like Palmer are convinced he won’t be dealt.
5) Miami’s rumored to be going after a compliment back for Daniel Thomas. Have you heard anything?
They’ll need some numbers back there. Ronnie Brown returning probably isn’t out of the question. Someone like Bradshaw or Sproles could intrigue them as well, but price would be pretty steep, I reckon.
6) Which QB do you think Miami might bring in this off-season?

I still wonder if nothing better develops for Bulger in terms of starting opportunity, if Miami might make some sense. Of course, in that case he might just decide to stay in Baltimore for $3.5M guaranteed as well assuming the Ravens put the same contract as last year back on the table.

7) For those of us fans who don’t really know how the behind the scenes work, how exactly does the process of getting your scoop work?
Its pretty much a constant cycles of calls, emails, texts to sources around the league. Its a relationship business more than anything else – earning trust, building relationships, earning respect. Fairness and accuracy have to carry the day and it’s a never-ending job. The demand for NFL news is round-the-clock, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
8) What do you think would happen if you and Eisen switched jobs for the day?
Yikes, I fear for the network! Rich is well connected and much liked, so I know he could break some news… But I’ve got a ways to go before I ever even thought about jumping in the host’s chair. It would be a free-for-all I fear.

Hope you guys enjoyed the interview and stay tuned were going to have NFL Network Lockout Specialist Albert Breer later this week to fill you in on everything you need to know about the lockout! We also might throw in a suprise interview with a Miami Dolphin !!