My Interview With Davone Bess


In the 2008 NFL draft, 32 teams decided to pass on Davone Bess seven times.  Despite being a stand out WR for the University of Hawaii and a member of the WAC first team in both his freshman and sophomore year, not one team selected Davone in the seven rounds of the 2008 draft. After being signed as an undrafted rookie in 08, Davone was able secure a roster spot.  Well a lot has changed since 2008. Bess has quickly become the number 2 WR in the Miami offense and one of the leagues best slot WR’s.

Bess racked up 79 catches for 820 yards and 5 TD’s last season and was the Dolphins most reliable source for offense throughout the year.  For those of you fantasy football lovers out there, Bess is an absolute PPR stud. 

Not only is Davone a stud on the field but off the field as well. Thanks to his manager Chris, I was able to set up a phone interview with Davone and ask him a couple of questions about many different issues. I want to thank Davone so much on behalf of Phins Phocus for giving us this opportunity. So without further a due, here is my interview with Miami Dolphins’ WR #15 Davone Bess.

Daniel Eliesen: I got this interview through twitter and the help of your manager; clearly you’re all over social media and feel it’s important to connect with your fans. So why is it so important to you to have this type of connection?

Davone Bess: Our fans are a part of who we are and people and the media can’t understand and appreciate the relationship players can have with fans.  I appreciate my fans, and want them to know the guy under the helmet. I want them to know I’m just like them. I put one leg in my pants one at a time too.

Daniel Eliesen: A lot of fans don’t really care who started the lockout, they blame both the players and owners. So what do you suggest fans do this year if there’s a lockout?

Davone Bess: I can’t see this world without football. I could imagine there is going to be a lot of angry people out there including players. But I would just suggest to wait it out and hope for the best.

Daniel Eliesen: With all your time in the off-season have you worked on a TD dance yet?

Davone Bess: No dancing for me. I take this stuff seriously it’s like a business to me. But I do plan on getting into the end zone a lot.

Daniel Eliesen: How did you feel about the whole coaching search this off-season, did the guys get behind Tony?

Davone Bess: Up to this point we know Tony is the guy. I believe he is the right man for the job. He keeps us very structured and we’re looking to forward to this upcoming season with coach.

Daniel Eliesen: Have you been in touch with Henne at all?

Davone Bess: Ya man, I see him a couple a times a week. We make sure to keep the chemistry strong and work on routes and make sure our timing is good.

Daniel Eliesen: With Pennington most likely gone, who do you see stepping up as the leader for this offense?

Davone Bess: A lot of candidates, but I wouldn’t point to a guy and say you need to step up, more of guys showing by their actions. We have a lot of guys who have the qualities and are capable, but we got to come together as a team first. We’re currently a work in progress but I think we’re heading in the right direction.

Daniel Eliesen: Do you still use the fact you weren’t drafted as motivation?

Davone Bess: It’s my number 1 motivator. Not a day goes by where I don’t relive draft day, but I’d have to say I prefer this path because it always leaves me hungry and wanting more and to prove myself.

Daniel Eliesen: So I know before games you like to pump yourself up by putting on your headphones on and blasting to music. What music you listen to before game time? 

Davone Bess: Lil Wayne, Drake, Wiz, Bob Marley, John Legend, I got a weird collection on my Ipod.

Daniel Eliesen: Which team do you enjoy playing the most?

Davone Bess: Every opponent is the same to me but I would have to say division games probably because you see the teams twice a year, and New England gets you fired up because you know what to expect from them.

Daniel Eliesen: Goals for the upcoming season?

Davone Bess: Every team is different every year. I always believe in shooting for the stars and the best will come from that. We want to win a Super Bowl obviously, but we got to start somewhere. Starting with the playoffs or the division would be nice.

Daniel Eliesen: So rumours are going around that Miami might be interested in Plax. What do you think about that?

Davone Bess: Honestly, if he can help contribute, and help us get to where we want to be then I don’t see why not but that’s not my decision. He’s a great player though. I grew up watching him. He’s a guy if you throw the ball up there he can go get it for you.