Affordable tickets abound as Dolphins close out season vs Jets

The Miami Dolphins have a chance to finish above .500 for the first time with Joe Philbin as head coach, and sweeping the season series against the New York Jets in the process would make the accomplishment that much sweeter. Miami can finish the season strong at 9-7 and improve upon their 8-8 record of […]

Lógico el regreso de Philbin para los Dolphins.

Al finalizar el juego frente a los Vikings de Minnesota el dueño de los Dolphins Stephen Ross entro al camerino y anuncio a sus jugadores que Joe Philbin regresa como dirigente la próxima temporada. Muchos han comenzado a criticar la movida de Ross, pero tengo que admitir que para mí es la movida más lógica […]

Dolphins win 37-35 over the Vikings in thrilling fashion

Nothing about the Dolphins eight victories have been orthodox. On a day when the coaching change winds have been swirling among media circles, all eyes were on the Dolphins down 17-7 at the half.  Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater showed why he was chosen in the first round despite a poor workout for NFL teams. Roaring […]

Delicada la situación actual de los Dolphins.

Sobre el juego de hoy solo diré que los Dolphins de Miami van con su mejor personal desde la salida de Branden Albert, para enfrentar en casa a unos Vikings de Minnesota que han venido de menos a más. Los Dolphins tendrán que ser mejor en la defensa que en las últimas dos salidas, ya […]


Dolphins versus Vikings pregame preview

Who are these Minnesota Vikings? Coached by Mike Zimmer, this is a 6-8 blue collar, lunchpail toting, rookie quarterback throwing team. Minus the running game featuring Adrian Peterson, the Vikings will attempt to out rush the Miami Dolphins with a little known stable of backs in Matt Asiata and well-known, but at bust status Ben Tate. […]

Cheap tickets vs Vikings could be win for Dolphins fans

The Miami Dolphins host the Minnesota Vikings in Week 16, trying desperately to finish the season strong and keep their slim playoff hopes alive. The Fins need a ton of help to sneak into the AFC playoff picture, but if they win out and several strategically lose, they could potentially nab the sixth and final […]


Talking Dolphins with blogger Paul Picken of

Fellow Dolfans, we’ve had a tumulteous season and are now bracing ourselves for two very pivotal contests at home.  Who better to point out the good, bad, and ugly than one of the fellow fans and bloggers on Blogtalk Radio every Tuesday at 8PM than Paul L. Picken Jr. Paul was gracious enough to share […]


If the Dolphins expect big results, it is time for change

Today the Dolphins answered everyone’s questions about the state of the team by losing in a laugher 41-13 to the rival Patriots. We saw how one game could become a microcosm for the entire season: a model of inconsistency. The Dolphins are now 7-7 after going on a three game winning streak from late October through […]


Dolfans rage ignites once again

Let the rage begin! Blow it up!  Fire everyone!  Find a new QB!  Everyone sucks! I hope you all had the wherewithal to lay down a big chunk of change (legally of course) and took the Pats minus the points like I mentioned earlier today.  Thanks to yet another futile attempt at 4 quarters of […]


Our Favorite Dolphins versus Patriots first half tweets

So for today, I thought it would be interesting to choose some choice, Tweets from Twitter on the fans views and media views. My criteria picking the best responses was based on the Dolphins sky as falling mantra, by some fans. Only the best were chosen in terms of originality and creativity. What’s clear is […]


No Christmas Miracle For the Dolphins

If there was ever a time to place a bet on a sporting event(legally of course), that you KNEW was a sure thing–today’s the day.  The Dolphins have absolutely NO chance to beat the Patriots in Foxboro.  Zero…nada…zilch.  It’s not even gonna be close.  This game will be SOOOO bad, that once the first quarter […]

Complicada la recta final.

Los Dolphins de Miami presentarán mañana domingo un equipo bien distinto al que dominó a los Patriots de Nueva Inglaterra en el primer juego de la temporada. Un equipo diezmado por lesiones, que se quedó sin presencia en la línea frontal ofensiva y que actualmente no puede proteger a su mariscal de campo (QB) Ryan […]

Tickets to see Dolphins up 30% over Patriots’ season average

The Miami Dolphins still have a chance at the AFC East crown. It’s a slim chance, but heading into a huge Week 15 matchup with the division rival New England Patriots, a slim chance will have to do. After taking their week one meeting in Miami, the Dolphins could claim the division title by winning […]


Have the Dolphins shown all they’ve got?

Entering this weekend, the Dolphins are 7-6. A wise man, not exactly beloved in South Florida said: “you are what your record says you are.” That wise man, Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells was familiar with winning football. That same man, earlier this week was compared to one man down in San Francisco as […]


Dolphins suffer embarassing loss 28-13 to Ravens

Right now, as a Dolphins executive, you have to be thinking why did this happen?  Why did the Dolphins lose this seemingly winnable game? The game began with the Ravens spotting the Dolphins 10 points until eight seconds before the half where cool, calm, and collected Joe Flacco found Steve Smith Sr. In reality, the […]