Dolphins at Bengals: Through the Air

Dolphins passing attack: 235.0 pass ypg (13th)Bengals passing attack: 270.8 pass ypg (6th)Dolphins pass defense: 216.5 pass ypg (17th) Bengals pass defense: 222.0 pass ypg (19th) Dolphins passing stats C. Henne: 130-206, 63.1%, 1,452 yards, 8 TD’s, 6 INT’s B. Marshall: 42 rec. 524 yards, 1 TD D. Bess: 32 rec. 348 yards, 3 TD’s […]

Dolphins at Bengals: The Kicking Game

Dolphins Special-Teams KickingDan Carpenter: 13-15 FG’s, Long 53PuntingBrandon Fields: 42.0 yard average, 12 IN20, Long 68, 2 punts blocked Punt ReturnDavone Bess: 7 returns, 13.0 yard average, Long 18Kick ReturnPatrick Cobbs: 10 returns, 20.9 yard average, Long 30Nolan Carroll: 9 returns, 24.3 yard average, Long 37Punt Coverage: 13 returns, 4.7 yard average, Long 19Kick Coverage: 20 […]

Dolphins at Bengals: On the Ground

Dolphins running game: 107.0 rush ypg (16th)Bengals running game: 100.2 rush ypg (19th)Dolphins run defense: 100.8 rush ypg (12th) Bengals run defense: 118.0 rush ypg (22nd) Bengals leading rushersC. Benson: 123 att. 476 yds. 3.9 ypc, 2 TD’s B. Scott: 18 att. 92 yds. 5.1 ypc Dolphins leading rushersRonnie Brown: 76 att. 313 yds. 4.1 […]

How Will Dolphins Respond?

No matter how many times we look at the image of Ikaika Alama-Francis holding the football in his hand out of the pile, bash the two refs responsible for all of this madness, and tell ourselves over and over again that we got screwed, what’s done is done. There is nothing that can be said […]

Redzone Woes, Horrible Call Cost Dolphins vs. Steelers

Steelers 23 Dolphins 22The blowout loss the Dolphins suffered against the Patriots three weeks ago was tough, but these type of loses are by far the hardest. Lets get the complaining over with, “the call” was beyond frustrating. Everyone knows who recovered that ball, even the refs, but because it wasn’t completely obvious on the […]

Dolphins vs. Steelers: 5 Questions with the Enemy

It’s that time of week again. Time to sit down with a blogger of the opposing team and get a little insight into our enemy before Sunday’s big game. After having to do some web surfing a week ago to find a Packers’ blog, I had to look no further than Bloguin network to find […]

Dolphins vs. Steelers: Through the Air

Dolphins passing attack: 232.2 pass ypg (13th)Steelers passing attack: 160.2 pass ypg (28th)Dolphins pass defense: 201.8 pass ypg (12th)Steelers pass defense: 233.0 pass ypg (24th)Dolphins passing statsC. Henne: 107-170, 62.9%, 1,195 yards 7 TD’s 5 INT’s B. Marshall: 37 rec, 467 yards, 1 TD D. Bess: 26 rec, 282 yards, 2 TD’s Steelers passing statsC. […]

Dolphins vs. Steelers: The Kicking Game

Dolphins Special-Teams KickingDan Carpenter: 8-10 FG’s, Long 53 Punting Brandon Fields: 41.0 average, 11 IN20, Long 68, 2 punts blockedPunt ReturnDavone Bess: 5 returns, 12.8 yard average, Long 18Kick ReturnNolan Carroll: 7 returns, 26.3 yard average, Long 37Patrick Cobbs: 7 returns, 21.9 yard average, Long 30Punt Coverage: 11 returns, 5.4 yard average, Long 19Kickoff Coverage: […]

Dolphins vs. Steelers: On the Ground

Dolphins running game: 115.6 rush ypg (14th) Steelers running game: 131.0 rush ypg (9th) Dolphins run defense: 109.4 rush ypg (16th) Steelers run defense: 63.8 rush ypg (1st) Dolphins leading rushersRonnie Brown: 67 att. 299 yds, 4.5 ypc, 1 TD Ricky Williams: 56 att. 240 yds, 4.3 ypc Steelers leading rushers Rashard Mendenhall: 116 att. […]

A Bill Parcells Tribute: Top 5 Personnel Moves

With news of Bill Parcells packing up and leaving the team facility yesterday, this football team is now officially, if it wasn’t already, in the hands of Jeff Ireland. A man who hasn’t exactly earned the trust of this franchise’s fan base yet. The fact that he was molded by the hands of Parcells for three […]

Dolphins Release Carpenter

After another special-teams mistake Sunday in Green Bay, the Dolphins have released former first-round pick Bobby Carpenter. Carpenter missed a block that resluted in the deflected punt yesterday, and was responsible for the blocked punt two weeks ago against the Patriots.

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Savoring the Win: Dolphins Improve to 3-2

What a way to get the nasty taste of two bitter defeats out of our mouths. I won’t go as far as to say the Dolphins saved their season, but 3-2 is drastically better than 2-3 in this division and conference. Unfortunately, things haven’t got much easier for the Dolphins, as the Jets and Patriots […]

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Road Warriors: Dolphins Edge Packers in OT

Dolphins 23 Packers 20 After the Dolphins lost their second straight game to a division foe two weeks ago, I said this stretch after the bye week would reveal what type of character this football team had. They answered the call in a big way today, going into Lambeau Field and knocking off the injury […]

Looks Like Rodgers Will Play

The Dolphins and Packers released their injury reports earlier today. So much for the Dolphins’ defense lucking out by not having to face one of the top quarterbacks in football, but you can hear Chad Henne’s big sigh of relief as Clay Matthews is listed as doubtful. Dolphins QuestionableDE Jared Odrick (ankle) ProbableLB Channing Crowder (groin)OT Jake […]