Dolphins coaching search update !

A couple of days ago when we all found out that Tony Sparano had been relieved of his duties as head coach of the Dolphins the obvious big names started popping in people’s minds as the replacement for Tony. Now that a couple of days have settled, there are already a couple of reports of […]

Why Jeff Ireland Survived

It might surprise all of us Dolfans that Jeff Ireland has survived the firing of Tony Sparano yesterday. Surely, Tony was fired because the Dolphins did not win enough games and therefore did not bring the fans into the stadium. Some of the questions that I have are: Did Tony get the right coaching personnel? […]


My Dolphins Christmas Wish List

Well it’s the time of year where kids all over the world start making their wish lists for Christmas and seeing as I am still a 15 year old at heart I thought it was only appropriate to make myself an NFL Dolphins wish list. I have been pretty good this so lets hope that […]


Possible Head Coach Options For The Dolphins

With the news that Tony Sparano has been fired, here are just a couple of names to keep in mind to be the next head coach of the Dolphins: 1) Bill Cowher (Career record: 149-90-1. Won Super Bowl XL.) Cowher is a high-profile, A list head coaches who has experience and has had success in this league. […]


Tony Sparano, your fired !

First off, here at Phins Phocus we would like to wish all the best for Tony Sparano in the future as he was a great man and someone you could respect, unfortunately he was a pretty bad NFL head coach. We have lived through the fist pump, through the conservative play and really a complete […]

3 Dolphins Games Left

On October 30th, Tim Tebow robbed the Miami Dolphins of their first victory in the fourth quarter with 3:54 to go.  Dolphins miracolously bounced back to win 4 out of 6 games. Today, Tim Tebow, with the help of his offensive line, wide receivers, running backs, and opportunistic defense beat the Chicago Bears. Tim Tebow keeps […]

Matt Moore Runs the Dolphins Offense

  On the eve of this year’s most interesting match up versus the Philadelphia Eagles, I have a few thoughts on the Dolphins offense. One of the crazy and must unimaginable things that has happened in the Dolphins winning 4 out of 5 is that Matt Moore has played better than any QB the Dolphins […]

This is my Godfather III Moment

The more I try to rip Sparano, the more the play of the Dolphins pull me back in. If the Godfather III was written about the Dolphins, that’s the line I would include in the script. Dolfans, this is true: The  Dolphins won in a total thrashing of the Oakland Raiders. There is just no […]

How the Dolphins Missed Last January (Updated)

What exactly happened last January?  Did Ross simply forget to interview a minority coach to satisfy the Rooney Rule and therefore the deal for Harbaugh would be nullified.  Did Harbaugh even think about the Dolphins offer? What exactly happened? In a bumbling, yet spoiled child manner that Ross went after Harbaugh reportedly offering 7 million per year, one […]

Barkley vs RG3, will the Dolphins have their choice on draft day

3-8…..Some fans can take the high road and remain optimist but I have chosen to see this season for what it really is, a big disappointment. The Dolphins started 0-7 arriving way too late to the party before rallying for a couple of wins and taking themselves out of the Suck for Luck sweepstakes. Currently […]

The Elephant in the Room

I said I would not do this in one of my twitter posts, but I really have to now.  I said I would refrain from playing NFL front office, but I will. Things are heating up in the way of college coaching black Monday if you will.  There are at least 10 new job openings […]

Dismal in Big D

Sucker punched four times.  Knocked onto the canvas, no rope in sight.  Blows the head, stomach, and side.  Double zero, the final knock-out.  Everything has finally come to an end for the Miami Dolphins and all the Dolfans who believed that 9-7 was a possibility.  How the Dolphins were going to miraculously pull a Tebow […]

Five Things I like about the Dolphins

Don’t get me wrong, there are some glaring issues with the Miami Dolphins.  The fact that the Dolphins could be heading to near mediocre status is nothing new in the last 10 years. However, here are the aspects of the team that I really like and can appreciate as a Dolfan. 1.  Charles Clay: as that […]


Public Service announcement to Dolfans: Please show up to the games!

This blog might be a little hypocritical because I live in Montreal, Canada and I only attend 2-3 Dolphins games a year however can Dolfans start showing a little more love. This Sunday in a home blow out against the Bills the Dolphins improved to winning their 3rd straight game however no one was their […]

Dolphin-lusions of Grandeur

Hello Dolfans, It’s been awhile.  While I have been busy writing for my real life job as a grad student, I have been pondering what to write here as an amateur blogger. For this blog tonight I will cut to the chase and give you three reasons why we as Dolfans are being duped: The […]