Change a double edge sword

  Change, its what makes everything go round evolutionize, build empires, and dynasties, very powerful thing for a six letter word no? its a very tricky customer though. This simple six letter word is a double edge sword that our beloved Miami Dolphins have been throwing around too loosely from my point of view., Thing is that change just for the sake of it self without a structured plan of action is like an oval race car track you start at one spot and eventually sooner rather than later will leave you at that same exact point here the race began, leaving you saying this is Deja vu ive been here before Does anyone see where I’m going? better yet can anyone see where this organization is going? well to be blunt with you i cant i wish i could. However we are in a very similar position to the one we were during The 07-08 off season and pretty much since the Great Don Shula retired. Tough thing is that we are literally at a crossroads. The two men leading the charge have really compiled talent they have brought in all the pieces to the puzzle, a puzzle which at this very moment is still laying arund scrambled in Jeff Ireland’s desk lying in front off him waiting for those few last key pieces ( quarterback, free safety, tight end). Brings me to the point you don’t need to change most of these pieces they all fit the puzzle very well for the most part and pretty much fit each other without having having to be forced (Brandon Marshall)  lets not focus so much on changing the pieces of this puzzle that even though lie scrambled around with no structure have shown flashes that if directed in the correct direction can not only become good but great it could become a masterpiece. Unlike past occasions we don’t need so many parts we need someone who could put those parts together so that then and only then we can truly see what those pieces can create when they are put in the right spot. 
We all want a coach with a flashy name that will talk the talk and make some noise( including Ross) and that is fine but we also need a coach that will walk the walk, a true leader of men that will not only make others want to genuinely walk in to a dark alley at 2 a.m with him to lay it all on the line (Sparano), but most importantly he will put them in the right position to fight to there utmost potential, and finish that fight. 
  I believe that the right men to lead this team in the right path  should be someone that not a lot of you might be fond of but I for one think Mike Mccoy should be given serious consideration. Now when judging him please judge his body of work as a whole. Look back at his time as an offensive assistant/QB coach in Carolina where he was part of the staff that made Jake Delohme look like a playoff caliber QB which speaks very highly of him. Look what happened to Delohme after Mccoy left to the Denver Boncos in 09,his whole carrer collapsed ( well it was on a steady decline since 08)but at one point in Mcoys tenure in Carolina Delohme did go 150 straight completions Mccoy went on to make Kyle Orton look really good statistically playing behind a horrible defense. On to this year, yes last Sunday wasn’t the best display of play calling but then again how many plays can yo really call with Tim Tebow at QB. Don’t get me wrong i respect the man give him credit he won games, fun to watch i would love for him to marry my daughter, but he is quite limited as a passer. Bottom line Tebow is a bit limited as a passing NFL QB, so the key thing here is to keep in mind Mccoy dint try to fit a square peg in to a round hole, he thought out of the box. The ability to adjust to his players strengths and put them in to the right situation to not only get in to battle but also be in the best position to finish it (something we haven’t been able to do for a while).In its purest essence that’s what coaching is all about consistently maximizing the potential of the guys he has on his roster.This is something that Mcoy a former college quarter back for Utah state and Long beach has been able to show through out his 11 year coaching career.
  Who knows any Given Sunday anything might happen, maybe even finding the guy Ross can sell as our “Young Don Shula”? In the end of the day i could speak for all my fellow finfans when i say lets find the right guy  over the flashy guy, one that will mesh all the peices to this puzzle together in to what we all expected it to be, someone that will fill seats by walking the walk and not just talking the talk. So finfans trust me i understand your frustration im there. Than again this is the first time Ross and Ireland are going after THEIR guy, not Parcells or even king Carls, but there own. I guess that what im saying even though certain things about this coaching search and rightfully so, judgment day is still a couple of months away.Patience is a virtue and it needs to reign in the next step moving forward, a step filled with a lot of quedtions. Who will replace Nolan, (Bowles will in my opinion. Who will be our OC?(doubt it will be Haley his tight with Tony Sparano and we all no how much of word of mouth the NFL is).so Personally i would keep the Canadian smurf (Daboll) but im completly againt forcing an assistant.These should be answered sooner rather than later though (By the weekend) the Senior Bowl is about to get underway and its of extreme importance we have a coaching staff in place by then agreed?