Did we just kill two birds with one stone?

  There is a lot of comparison going around between Flynn and Kolb or Cassel but there is several things that should be taken in to account in this particular situation. Number one is the history of the franchise where Flynn is coming from the Packers have historically build a reputation of developing top quality qbs such as Aaron Rodgers, Brett Farve, Matt Hasselbeck and a few others. In addition to that it should also be noted that if Philbin is named as the future head coach of these Franchise Matt Flynn would likely be considered as one of the top choices because of the fact he is familiar with the system for the fact he is been in it since 08. He is also proven to be a winner as he took LSU to a national title win.

  In regards to the Kevin kolb comparison apart from the fact that they were both backups there is absolutely no resemblance what so ever in each individual skill set. if you take your time to look at Kolb closely he doesn’t look as polished a Flynn has in his first two starts from an accuracy stand point. not to mention statistically 6 tds one pick 480 yards and the go ahead td with 2 min left?. Another factor is that well its the system its the weapons and such well last time i cheked that system that he is playing in is the same system which will be put in place here. We also have the option to kill three birds in one stone. First we are getting a Qb which say what you want small sample size, product of the system ext has shown the ability to do something i doubt Rg3 can do 6tds in one game coming of ot playing in a yr. This would also free up picks to compliment what we have such as Blackmon, Fleener and a right tackle. Finally i would bring Tom Clemens or Mike Sherman in as OC the Packers qb coach who has been one of the top in the business when dealing with QBS.

All in all this is just personal opinion but we all ready have a solid Defense wouldn’t it make since to bring someone in who is a part of one of the most prolific and modern offenses in the NFL? change for the sake of change is sometimes harmful and personally Fisher is flashy and sounds tempting but is really the right fit from a need standpoint? yes he gets his players to play hard but so did Tony right? Finally something to keep in mind is the fact that this is a new much needed fresh start not only for this franchise whos ego and reputation has been battered and bruised throughout the entire past decade, but also coach Philbin who is showing us just what kind of characte, strength and mental tougness is all about. This can almot certainly be cause for the Phins to rally around him. Bottom line if this team can show just one 4th of the resilience their new lleader has shown off the football field in his personal life and put it on display in his personal life i believe we are great shape moving forward.