Miami Dolphins 2012 Pro Bowl Selections


The sheer significance of Marshall’s season is that he is the only receiver since Irving Fryar to have posted a 1,000 yards receiving in back to back seasons.  That’s a remarkable feat, but also very telling since Miami has lacked a true quarterback threat or any kind of air attack until this year. 

For a 5-10 team it is very surprising that the Miami Dolphins have players elected to the 2012 Pro Bowl.  It’s amazing to me that the Dolphins have turned around the season to win 5 out of 8 games.  Too little too late and certainly not enough to see the organization known as the Miami Dolphins change course again in a 4 year span.

On Tuesday Brandon Marshall and Jake Long were selected to the 2012 Pro Bowl in Hawaii.  For Brandon Marshall this was his 3rd selection (2 as a Bronco) and for Jake Long, this was his 4th selection in 4 seasons. 

Marshall has his first selection since being traded from Denver in 2010. Marshall has had a Pro Bowl season with over 77 catches and 6 TD and 1177 yards. What’s not to like about Marshall’s year? His 12 dropped passes are the highest in the NFL.

If I remember correctly, at least 6 in the end zone. If you believe that Marshall’s 6 drops in the endzone aren’t critical then tell me if those 6 TDs create opportunities to win against the Jets, New England (twice), and San Diego. I would bet that those 6 drops in the endzone make the Dolphins chances of a 9 or 10 win season much greater.

Jake Long has been a stalwart Left Tackle this season blocking the blind side of both Chad Henne and then Matt Moore for 8 games.  He has surrendered only 5 sacks while the rest of the line has surrendered 46 sacks.

One might argue that Jake Long gave up 5 sacks this season and should not be worthy of a pro bowl. However, Jake Long has been the cornerstone and mainstay of this battered and beat up offensive line that is on the verge of giving up the most sacks in team history. Long deserves this honor for playing with shoulder, back, and knee pain all season. He gave over 100% and you didn’t see him give up. Surely, as a 1st pick of the draft, pro bowls were to be expected, but he has certainly earned his reputation as a hard worker and it shows on game day with his ability to block some of the best defenses he has faced in his career. Kudos to Jake Long and his 4 Pro Bowls.

Brandon Marshall and Jake Long have proved their worth this season. Are they the best offensive players in Dolphin History? Not yet, but if they remain Dolphin players, I expect them to again make the pro bowl squad multiple times.

I am happy for both Marshall and Long, but I would be happier if the Dolphins were fighting with the Jets this weekend for the lone playoff spot.


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