Next to Interview in Miami: Joe Philbin

As the Miami Dolphins are in C.Y.A. mode, something they lost sight of by not firing Sparano last year; they have a back up plan!

Joe Philbin, the Offensive Coordinator of the defending super bowl champion Green Bay Packers will interview in Wisconsin on Saturday.

Philbin according to the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson, does not call the plays in the Packer Offense, but is in charge of play design and instrumental in the development of one heck of a quarterback in Matt Flynn.  Remember, Matt Flynn, the guy most Dolfans watched on
while the Dolphins wrestled with 3rd and 6 on offense; torch the heck out of the Detroit Lions D in snow flurries and a slick field. 

I really like this opportunity to interview Joe Philbin. I think it shows a lot of continuity with current play caller Brian Daboll.  While Daboll is more of a spread option with a ton of misdirection, Philbin has experience with the West Coast Offense. 

I think Philbin as coach would come in and focus on the offense and possibly could bring in a free agent QB such as Matt Flynn to run a very powerful offense.

On the other hand, we could have another Cam Cameron as Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel just mentioned on Twitter.

Another sticking point is the fact that the Packers are poised to be in contention past next weekend and quite possibly not conclude play as they hope to win the Super Bowl.  That means Philbin is unavailable to hire until 1 month from now.

So is this a good possibility? 

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Happy Coaching Search Everyone!

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