Brent Grimes

Are the Dolphins willing to break the bank for the best secondary in the AFC?

As the offseason starts to roll on, many intriguing roster decisions await the hopefully soon-to-be named new GM. Amongst these is what to do in the secondary. Let’s review where the current roster stands today. Heading into 2014 the Dolphins have the following defensive backs under contract (position, cap number, cap savings if cut) – […]


Analyzing the Dolphins salary cap: An interview with Jason Fitzgerald

While every Dolphins fan dreams of the roster’s next iteration…in the words of the O’Jays, “money money money, monnnnneeeeyyy!” Regardless of the whom the new general manager may be, an integral component of the Miami Dolphins 2014 offseason direction will be dictated by the team’s salary cap. (OTC) was recently developed by founder Jason […]

steve ross

Why the GM hire matters so much

Massive. Gigantic. Huge. Key. Crucial. There are many adequate words that can be used to highlight the importance of the Miami Dolphins upcoming general manager hire. While this might seem inherently true to some, others may ask why. To those who already agree, I still think there is value in pointing out why this decision […]

joe philbin

Onwards to the offseason

After a disappointing end to this Miami Dolphins season, the sense of frustration amongst this fan base is palpable. A 5th straight non-winning year, a collapse against two average/mediocre teams with a playoff berth on the line, statistical stagnation on offense as compared to last year, and a team that lacked energy when it mattered […]

Tannehill vs Jets(2)

Has Ryan Tannehill improved in 2013?

Perhaps no one player on the Miami Dolphins has been more scrutinized this season than Ryan Tannehill. After so many years and so many quarterbacks since one Daniel Constantine Marino, Jr., the typical Dolphins fan naturally wonders if Ryan Tannehill is THE next Dolphins franchise quarterback. As this final regular season game against the New […]