Interview with Yahoo fantasy football guru Brad Evans


It’s time to have a little fun here at Phins Phocus.  Yesterday I got on the phone with Yahoo’s fantasy football Guru Brad Evans to talk a little fantasy football. We here at Phins Phocus wanted to give you a little help building your fantasy football roster and making you draft day decisions a little easier. We also asked Brad a couple of questions on which Dolphins might have some fantasy upside.

Brad not only knows just about everything in terms of the fantasy football but also brings a witty comedic spin on it as you will see in my interview with him.

Q: Is Michael Vick the first overall pick this year?

A: No, absolutely not! But Vick obviously has great payoff potential and clearly the top QB this year. I am even in the minority in ranking him number one, because most people go with the safe pick, but I think that even if he doesn’t repeat his stellar year last year he could be good for 25 points a game. There is a lot of injury risk there with Vick though. Foster is still the clear #1 in my books even without Vontae Leach.

Q: Top 3 undervalued players in FF this year:

A: 1) Mikel Leshoure RB Lions (Take note that like Leshoure, Brad is a university of Illinois Alum)

He is a great talent, like Mendenhall who also went there and most think they are similar but I think that Mikel actually has a better skill set. He is also in a good situation and if Stafford can stay out of the Wheel Chair then I think Leshoure could put up 1,100 yards.

2) Kyle Orton – Most people expected him to go to South Beach, but now that he is staying in Denver and the Angels aren’t opening up their wings for Tebow anymore he has the potential to have another great year. Remember he was a top 5 QB for the first 10 games basically last year.

3) Mike Sims Walker- We have seen flashes from him before and has had WR2 WR 3 upside, but with MSW it’s all about his work ethic.

Q: Biggest Bust?

A: Mojo. Problem you have here is that you have to take him in the first round and with his bum knee and the emergence of Jennings if tough to do that. Actually, if you look at the stats 48% of first round running backs don’t finish in the top 15.


Q: Does the Madden Curse apply to fantasy football?

A: No, I don’t think though, if I believed that then I would believe in Unicorns or that Roy Williams can actually catch a pass. Hillis I think actually still offers good value, with a good OLINE and can hurt you in many ways like Foster can.

Q: Is Davone Bess a fantasy football option?

A: Depends, in PPR leagues, absolutely he should pile in around 80 catches and 800 yards and is a solid WR3, in standard leagues. I think he is still draftable but a bench WR. I LOVE me some Davone Bess though.

Q: Is Reggie Bush or Daniel Thomas the guy to have in Miami?

A: Tony throwing out that nonsense that Bush will get 1st down carries is just to inflate Bush’s ego. We know that he is a tap dancer. I actually call him Happy Feet after the Disney movie about the Penguins. Bush will make you miss but is not an every down player. Daniel Thomas is going to be the work horse there. He has above average power and if he can impress Tony, don’t see how he doesn’t have a great year.

Q: Is this the year Marshall returns to being an elite fantasy football WR?

A:  Not unless Marino comes out of retirement. I think you're delusional to think he can be elite unless you have a man crush on him. He is obviously a viable starter and will put up 1000 yards and 80 rec but in a conservative Brian Daboll offense, I don’t think they will cure their red zone issues so not quite elite.  

Q: You are the nickname king. Give me your best?

A: Brandon “ Gumby “ Lloyd – I call him Gumby because he is so flexible, he does things with his body they can’t even do at Cirque du Soleil.


Davone Bess I call “Tenderoine” because he has such tender soft hands.

“Oompa Loompa” for Mojo.


And for my boy from Champaign, Illinois Mikel Leshoure, I call him “Champaign Train of Pain.”